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com-pre-hen-sion/ [kom-pri-hen-shuhn]
~capacity of the mind to perceive and understand; power to grasp ideas; ability to know.

Yep, that’s what it means. Comprehension… It’s so cool to know that not only do so many of you *get* the word, but that you obviously read my posts here! I say that gfe phone sex goes both ways, and you guys start exhibiting boyfriend behavior! Asking me how my day is, and even leaving sweet feedback for me!

I say that I like for you guys to be real people, and you start telling me what gets you off. Without me having to interrogate you! *Gasp*! I know!! Crazy, but true! Unexpected, but SO very much appreciated!

I tell you it’s my Birthday, and the wishlist prezzies start arriving like crazy!! I got my awesome new digital universal remote and my folding screen/room divider from my pussy boy…along with 2 *LARGE* yummy cash treats! And my *wonderful* portable GPS and carrying case from my sweetheart Gun… Not to mention the Amazon gift cards (plural) from Mr. Luv… And the 11 or 12 more wishlist prezzies on the way from who knows who else! Can I say it again? I loooove being spoiled!! I love it, it’s so much fun, and honestly, it makes me horny. *Blushes* Knowing that you think of me highly enough to buy me prezzies AND send me tributes, even when we’re not talking? It SO seriously makes me wet!!

So…thank you for all of the above. TY TY for being so awesome and actually listening!! I’ve said it before, but I have the best callers in the whole wide world! :) Comprehension. It’s a very good thing, and a skill that some of us still need to work on. *Giggles* Ah, well. Baby steps, right? :)

Anyway, speaking of comprehension…I should be pretty clear. It’s not only something I expect from you~no double standards here! It’s also something that I offer you in return. Those of you know know me well, you already know this. Those of you who are just getting to know me…kepp reading. :)

Comprehension, otherwise known as “listening and understanding”… For me, that’s part of the whole point of phone sex in the first place. Definitely it’s essential for gfe phone sex! Like, when we’re actually talking…whether we’re doing the get to know you thing, or the show and tell fetishes thing, or even if we’re jumping right into the let’s get eachother off thing. How can we cum together if I don’t know what you like? How can I know what you like if I don’t listen to what you tell me? How can I get to know you if I don’t retain and remember what you’ve told me over time?

If I don’t practice comprehension, I can’t! If I don’t listen, I can’t! Which is why, no matter what, I always listen to everything you have to say! (God, I sound like I’m quoting my website now! Lol… But still.) I know I’ve done a whole post about fantasy artists vs. gfe phone sex…and I thought I was pretty clear when I wrote it, but just in case I wasn’t, let me clarify. I’m a gfe phone sex girl, NOT a fantasy artist. I want to cum WITH you, and talk WITH you. I can’t get off if I have to talk *at* you.

However…gfe phone sex does NOT mean anonymous moan and groan phone sex!! I may not be a “fantasy artist” per se… But I listen, I retain, and I comprehend. (Remember? My original point was “comprehension”! *Smiles*) I listen to you, I make your fantasy mine, I make it REAL. I guess you can’t completely comprehend (I know, overkill now, but it’s the best word choice, lol) if you’ve never played with me. Those of you who know me, know just how REAL I can make it feel! And if you haven’t played with me yet? You have NO idea what you’re missing! :)

I’m going to close this now, cause it’s almost 7am EST and I need to finish up my night and hop in bed for some well deserved Princess rest. If you’re still up, call me! If you’re not, look for me after 11pm on Saturday. Bye for now!

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  1. RoleplayerGun says:

    Wow, 3 post in a week! I guess your new trainner want you to work on your fingers with all these typing ;)

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