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Wild in the bedroom? Who knew?

Your Bedroom Personality: Wild

In the bedroom, you are eager to try anything that’s new – and even daring.
You are up for experimenting. In fact, that’s pretty much all you do.

And while there’s never a dull moment with you, your wild ways can be a bit overwhelming.
You may be afraid of being a “one trick pony,” but it’s okay to keep things basic from time to time.

What’s Your Bedroom Personality?

I don’t know if I like the way they’re implying that being wild is a bad thing, though… First of all, you guys LIKE me a lil bit wild, don’t you? *Giggles* Second, I’m totally up for normal vanilla sex every once in awhile! The problem is only if I have to have normal vanilla sex ALL the time. THAT’S when I’d feel the urge to jump off a building or something! *Giggles* Anyway, take the quiz and see what you come up with…I’d love to hear your results! :)

I didn’t realize that it had been so long since my last post…I’m really going to have to get on that this weekend. Short update just in case you’re interested: I had an awesome Princess Day this week, my whole body is sore from Mr M’s attention, I’m still getting lots of wishlist prezzies for my birthday, My pussy boy is still in chastity and sending me *large* yummy cash treats every night this week…. Ummm…I’m getting better about my procrastinating (slightly! *Blushes*), I’ve been working on some new recordings….and i guess that’s it! Except to say that I’ll write again this weekend, AND that I’m available and taking calls on Niteflirt right now. :) I should be up till 5 or 6 AM EST, so if you’re still up and horny? You should totally call me tonight!

If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me late night Saturday…after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

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