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My apologies…and My thanks :)

Well. It’s come to my attention that I owe some of you a lil apology. Actually~I should rephrase that~I mean most of you. Before I tell you what I’m apologizing for, I need to preface by saying that this is just a conclusion I’ve come to over the last couple of days. Yeah, I should have figured it out sooner, but sometimes your sweet lil girl gets WAY too wrapped up in enjoying her tight lil pussy. So some things fall to the wayside sometimes. *Blushes*

Anyway…back to my apology. It’s the usual thing that most of you get frustrated with, and that is: My schedule. I know, I’ve written at least a million posts about it, cause I keep trying to work on it, and I keep trying to be more punctual. But no matter how hard I try, it never seems to work out the way I plan! *Pouts*

The thing is….I used to get tons of emails from you guys, asking me if I could be available, or if I am available, or asking when I’ll be available. In that scenario, I only have to shuffle around my life and my plans…which is difficult sometimes, but not impossible.

But NOW, I’m not getting those emails. NOW, I’m getting emails asking how long is my call going to be, how long am I going to be available, do I think my call is going to last past “blank” AM. Which means, that you guys are actually looking for me during my scheduled times. You’re just not able to get me cause I’m already on the phone! And I HATE missing you when you’re looking to play with me! :(

Which leads me to my apology. Cause I’m fully aware that phone sex can be kind of an immediate need. So the fact that you’re willing to wait for me to become available, and take the time to email me to find out how long you have to wait… That’s SO fucking cool and it means so much to me! :) But it makes me feel bad to know that some of you are waiting for hours and hours and falling asleep before I finish a call and you actually get to play with me. *Frowns*

I’m sure it would be WAY easier if I was logged on every second of every day! But I’m not… I have a life, I have stuff to do, and so my hours are really pretty limited. Add to that, the fact that some of my favorite guys are like, totally tuned into my schedule…so they call me the moment I log onto Niteflirt. Which means that even if I am available, you may have to wait your turn. :(

My point, is that I apologize. I know it can be frustrating, but isn’t it part of my charm that you have to wait for me sometimes? *Giggles* That brings me to my thanks, actually! Those of you who always make an effort to find me when I’m supposed to be taking calls. Those of you who go out of your way to be first in line when I’m available, and arrange calls with me when I’m already busy, and pay attention to my schedule so you never have to go too long without playing with your favorite girl. You already know who you are, but I’ll mention my current favorites again just cause I feel like it. :)

My pussy boy, for obvious reasons… (We’ve talked almost every day for YEARS and still I completely adore you! I really hope you meant it when you said 22 days of chastity was worth it…cause we’ll be doing it again VERY soon! TY for the *large* yummy cash treat tonight, btw…) My sweetheart roleplayer Gun, who’s made it his mission to make me cum so many times in a night that I’m exhausted for anyone else! Lol… (TY for always being SO awesome, my luv! I got the yoga mat and some other prezzies from my wishlist today, and I can’t wait to get the rest of them!) My sweet Dr. J (Expect my email soon, sweetheart…I had SO much fun when we talked this weekend! I miss you already…) And my lil perv CNC (I need MORE info, you know that! Find me this week so you can give it to me!) I have other favorites, but these are the main ones for this week.

So like I said. My apologies, and my thanks. If you’re one who’s deserving my apologies? Please understand that my schedule is limited, so if you want me? You have to catch me when you see me! So if you see me available, or even if you see me on alerts~call me! If you’re one who’s deserving my thanks…just keep doing what you’re doing! *Smiles*

Moving on… I didn’t want to mention it till now, but this past weekend I was horribly sick! I never want to tell you guys when I’m sick until I’m feeling better…. Especially if I’m taking calls! Surprisingly, sickness never seems to effect my voice, so I never want to scare you off and make you think you’re going to call up and get some hoarse, throaty voiced dragon on the phone. LOL! But yeah…I have that damn sinusitus again, so I’ve been taking antibiotics since Friday. :( I’m feeling WAY better now, but Super Bowl isn’t quite the same when you can’t have any alcohol, you know? Even WORSE when the game is actually here in town, but you’re not feeling awake enough to drive down to do all the fun events and stuff! Can you believe Super Bowl was here in Tampa and I couldn’t even drag my ass out of bed to go down to the NFL Experience??? Seriously!! *Pouts* Very sad.

Luckily, like I said, I’ve been feeling better today. Which means that I went to the gym to let Mr. M kick my ass (UGH! Totally upper body today…so tricep dips and deltoid fly and incline press and then crunches and planks and core work… Did I say UGH?? Lol…) And tomorrow is Pilates class…and Wednesday is more Mr. M torture… But in the middle of all that is Princess Day! So….lots of shopping, mani/pedi, and I think I deserve a massage! Don’t you? I may just have a massage tomorrow just cause I feel like it. *Hmph* LOL!

And tonight, I’m still up and taking calls on Niteflirt! It’s almost 4am right now, and I think I’m going to stay up taking calls till 5 or 6am EST. So if you’re still up, call me tonight! Let’s see if I have some favorite feedback before I go… This one’s from my sweetheart Gun, and you can also find it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

Wow, Kylie really take my breath away tonight. We tried a fantasy that we haven’t try before and did she bring it. Life is truly good when I spoke with her. Blue birds are flying, stars are in my eyes and Kylie’s orgasmic scream still ring in my ear :)

SO sweet! Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Wednesday after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

2 Responses to “My apologies…and My thanks :)”

  1. RoleplayerGun says:

    I think I need to share some of the blame. I just have such a good time everytime I spoke with Kylie that time just disappear on me :O But you guys (and girls?) should keep trying. I can asure you that you will not regret your patience. I never have :)

    Gun (1 among many who adore Kylie)

    P.S. I will try to get you exhausted again next time ;)

  2. Kylie says:

    Yep. It’s SO your fault too, Mister! :) Maybe next time I’ll make YOU exhausted so you can do some penance? Lol… TY for the sweet note, my luv…ttys :)

    xoxo, Kylie

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