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Baby It’s COLD outside!

I thought that might be a song when I typed that title, and I was right…found it on YouTube. :) Baby It’s Cold Outside. Anyway….seriously!! It is fucking FREEZING here in Florida right now! I know, I know…you guys in the Northern part of the country have been dealing with this for months already. And, I know it’s relative…cause it’s actually 43 degrees here. Which probably sounds warm to some of you, but for me? OMG I’m freezing my ass off! I actually had to wear a coat today! AND socks!! AND, I had to turn on the heat in my car for the first time since early 2008! It is JUST too fucking cold!! (Here’s where you’re supposed to feel sorry for me and offer to warm me up… *Giggles*)

When I woke up today~well, technically it was Thursday, cause I guess technically it’s Friday right now~I had ALL these plans to get up early (read:: 2pm or so) and get my workout in early so I could get some stuff done this evening before I logged on. Unfortunately, I had a little setback. My sweetheart Gun sent me a body ball and some 8 lb weights from my wishlist, and they arrived Wednesday night. I was SO excited to get them that I pulled them out right away and started using them. And then, I felt all motivated cause they were here…so I kept using them while I was watching Zack and Miri Make a Porno (which, if you haven’t seen, you should TOTALLY watch!! I usually don’t like stupid funny movies…but it was hilarious! There was lots of sex, and porn star Katie Morgan, and they even mentioned the Fleshlight! Check it out if you have time.)

Anyway, I digress. I kept lifting. After dinner. And up until my shower. And um…did I mention that I had torture with Mr. M. on Wednesday afternoon? So adding about 3 hours of lifting and crunches directly after my gym torture? Yeah. Not my best idea.

Right afterwards I felt all strong and totally empowered!! But when I climbed out of bed this morning? TOTALLY sore, and achy, and thinking OMG what did I do?? *Sad face* So…no gym on Thursday. Instead, I did the massage and facial that I was planning this past Tuesday but didn’t get to do cause I got too busy. But WOW was it heaven! I took a hot shower when I got home, and I seriously had to convince myself to get out of it and not go straight to bed! And it was all courtesy of my sweet subbie James. (Ty sweetie. :) ) I adore the way you guys always spoil me rotten! Of course, now I have to feel guilty for the rest of the night. AND I have to go to the gym on Friday night, even though it’s not one of my usual gym days. *Pouts* But…still worth it. TOTALLY still worth it!

I really need to do that more often. I was kind of feeling embarrassed during, though. I kept telling myself to visualize something so I could relax! I finally settled on the beach on St. Thomas outside my family’s condo… Bright turquoise water, sun on my face, white sandy beaches, and me in a tiny lil bikini floating on an innertube in the waves of the ocean. All that was to distract me from the naughty, sexual, make my tight lil pussy cum thoughts that were running through my head. *Blushes* Don’t laugh! How easy would it be for YOU to keep your mind focused, while someone’s rubbing oil all over your naked body and brushing their tits up against you?? Seriously!! It was really hard! In a good way, of course… :)

Anyway. It’s just after 4am EST and I’m available and taking calls. I’ll probably be up till 6 or 7 AM, so if you’re still up, call me tonight! Especially if you want to do your good deed for the day. Providing much needed warmth to a frozen southern girl is kind of your gentlemanly duty, don’t you think? *Giggles* If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Saturday after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

PS *Waves Hello* to my old favorite FS and my plaything PG…I had so much fun playing with you!! Oh, and Dr. J. ~check your email, Mister :) Bye again!

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