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Yep, you read it right. Your sweet lil girl has actually been contemplating some weighty, non sexual (gasp! Lol) stuff tonight. Actually, that’s not even the most surprising part. (The non sexual thing, I mean.) The MOST surprising part is that it happened totally unprompted, all organic, not following on the heels of a whole bunch of guilt or some missed opportunity. I honestly started thinking about my priorities tonight just because! See? Told you it was surprising.

It’s kind of embarrassing to say it, but my life doesn’t generally require me to be too….what’s the phrase I’m looking for here? Umm…responsible, maybe? That’s not quite it, but almost. Anyway. I mean, I am generally responsible, and I’m super well organized, and I’m almost OCD about some things! But then there are other thiings, like my time management skills, to name just one, that totally fall by the wayside. I’m blaming it on the late nights….but still! The fact remains.

So today, for no reason, I started thinking of stuff I need to get done, and actually planning them out on my calendar. Some simple stuff, like my hair appointment and finding a new doctor and getting seats for “Legally Blonde” off broadway that I want to see with my Mommy… But some important stuff, like finding a new accountant and starting school again so I can graduate sometime before I’m eighty. Lol….

I don’t know, I’m thinking that if I do it in “baby steps”, that maybe this new attitude can carry over into the rest of my life. I’ve already got the whole gym schedule thing down to a science, so the rest shouldn’t be too hard. I just feel like, what is all this freedom that comes with being my own boss good for if I don’t use all the free time I have to get some things accomplished? You know? I guess we’ll see. I’m definitely going to work on it. :) I just have SUCH issues with schedules and time constraints and committment of any kind! Is it any wonder that Im still single? *Giggles*

Speaking of which, I did end up hanging out with my guy on Tuesday. He made me dinner AND bought groceries to do it~which is always nice. :) Then we watched, Chocolate, which was SUPER awesome!! Kung fu flick which I usually don’t get into, but the story was decent and the main character was like a teenaged girl! LOVED it! And Soul Men, which was the longest stupid movie I’ve seen in a really long time. I’m glad I saw it, cause it was Bernie Mac’s last movie and all, but…skip it and do yourself a favor. *Frowns*

And after that, I had to give into my urges and let him fuck me. Yes, the sex was amazing~I *adore* the way he licks my tight lil pussy! But, just like I told you before, every time I give it up he gets all clingy and annoying. I think he’s called me like…wait, let me count. 18 times since Wednesday? I’ve answered the phone once, and still he won’t stop. So…it was worth it, but I won’t be doing it again anytime soon. :)

And I guess that’s it! Did you like the picture up top, btw? Tee is working on a new listing for me, and that’s one of the pics I loved. I thought I’d share it with you before the listing is done and all uploaded. I figure it’s the least I can do… I know you guys like to know what’s going on in my life and in my head, so I won’t apologize for boring you with it, but I like to keep it interesting all the same. So enjoy! :) I’m taking calls now, and I should be up till at least 5am. So if you’re still up and horny, call me tonight! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Saturday night after 11pm EST.

2 Responses to “Priorities….”

  1. PussyBoy says:

    *Psst* — Aren’t you going to tell everybody?

    *psst* — or do things that happen in vegas , stay in vegas?

  2. Kylie says:

    I was planning on it, Mr. Impatient!! Lol… I was just waiting for the right time! This lack of patience is very telling, you know… Makes me see why 8 seconds is your usual limit for sexual stamina.

    *Psst* A hint: Sometimes, you have to let the girl call the shots. *Giggles*

    I should teach you a lesson and not mention it at all, but because it *IS* so very interesting, I’ll mention it in my next post. So stay tuned. :)

    xoxo, Kylie

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