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Cuckolds have more fun

This post has been a long time coming… It crossed my mind to write it a couple of weeks ago, but I decided to wait at the time because I didn’t think it would be a good thing for the cuckold in question to have his girlfriend stumble upon his internet history. She’d read that I was talking about MY cuckold boyfriend who just happened to spend the weekend in Vegas, and then connect the dots and figure out that her boyfriend was in Vegas that same weekend. And then figure out that her boyfriend is still calling me, even though she’s begged him to stop repeatedly. Hell, she’s even begged me to make him stop! Yes, she’s actually called me. Several times, actually. *Evil Grin*

But…he can’t stop calling me, cause he knows that he belongs to ME… And HE pressed for me to tell this story here (just check my comments on the post below)… So I guess HE has to deal with the fallout (if any) that comes from me posting his dirty lil secret here on my blog. So…you asked for it, pussy boy! *Smiles*

And for future reference…no matter what the ads say? What happens in Vegas DOESN’T always stay in Vegas. Lol…. Also for future reference? if I’m not the only girl in your life? Be smarter than pussy boy and make it a regular habit to delete your internet history? *Giggles*

So, back to my title. Cuckolds really do have more fun! In a manner of speaking, anyway… You REAL men are always asking me what my cuckolds get out of the whole thing. Asking me why my cuckolds settle for lesser treatment, no orgasms, blue balls, and chastity. I always answer when you ask me, but most of the time it’s different for every cuckold guy. I mean, for example: Not every REAL man who calls me for a blow job fantasy is looking to cum on my face, right? Some guys want to cum in my mouth…some want to spray their load on my tits, some guys want to start with me sucking, but want to end by cumming in my tight lil pussy. See how it’s the same, but can be SO different?

It’s the same for my cuckolds! Some are turned on by the thought of watching me fuck another guy in front of them… Some like the idea of eating cream pies after another guy has cum inside me… Some like the thought of being cut off and denied pussy forever because they know they don’t deserve to be inside me ever again.

Every guy, every fantasy, is different and interesting and unique. That’s why I LOVE any and ALL roleplays and straight sex with REAL men just as much as I love teasing and torturing my cuckolds. :)

But I digress. Even though EVERY fantasy is unique, and EVERY guy is different, there is ONE thing that’s the same about ALL cuckolds. No matter what the particulars are, no matter what the motivation is, the one thing that all cuckolds have in common is this: They know how to LISTEN to women. Not just listen! They know how to listen, evaluate, and tailor their fetish to what will make the woman MOST excited. And so…even though they have to deal with long periods of chastity, and the concept of sharing with REAL men who have REAL cocks. *Giggles* Even after all that, they have a certain skill set that serves them *very* well! Cuckolds know how to make women happy. They know that they have to do it with their personalities, because they know that their cocks can’t do it for them. LOL! So, until they take their pants off, they’re able to get almost ANY woman into bed.

Don’t laugh! I’m serious! Cuckolds have the right mindset to pull ANY chick they could ever want! It doesn’t usually end well, cause they can’t fuck for shit and their cocks are usually too small…but still! The skills learned from being a cuckold bitch are totally useful! Which is how my sweet pussy boy ended up “having more fun” in Vegas a couple of weeks ago.

Chatting with a hot lil redhead at the bar (read: asking her why the guy who just walked away turned her off.) Buying her a few drinks (read: getting her liquored up so he could make his move.) Getting introduced to her husband (read: finding a kindred spirit, so he knew exactly how to play her cause he knew all her husband’s weak points.) Drinking enough to make sure he’d be numb (read: making sure he wouldn’t cum too soon.) Taking her up to his hotel room….and then fucking her silly until the wee hours of the morning. I mean it! He really did! HE had to kick HER out in the morning because he had stuff to do! Crazy, right? She had NO idea that he’s an absolutely NO stamina cuckold bitch in real life! I was shocked too! But…his pick up skills? WOW. He’s like a machine! Would any of you REAL men have been able to close the deal in 30 minutes or less? Really? Do you think so?

I think these skills are TOTALLY born of his usual cuckold stature. I think he took advantage of the opportunity, and decided that he was up to the task. I also think, that no matter how many times I make him go 30+ days without cumming, or smear precum on his own face, or wear panties to work just to prove his devotion to me… I think that his REAL man weekend earned him a few points in my eyes. AND, it proves that cuckolds CAN have more fun. If they have enough balls to reach out and go for it? They totally do! I’m still not letting pussy boy cum till sometime in March, but hey! A+ for effort, right? Lol…

Moving on…. I spent 2 hours at the gym Monday afternoon. 30 minutes of torture with Mr. M, then 45 minutes on the treadmill, then 30 minutes of extra leg work on the machines. I swear, it’s so crazy! Like, I’m dying while he’s working me out, then I’m dying a little bit more all through my cardio (I’m trying this interval training routine that’s taking my mind off it, though) and then I’m volunteering for more pain when I’m all done???!! It’s nuts, I know. But I feel so like, STRONG, and happy when I’m finished… It’s the closest thing to sex that I’ve ever felt, so I’m gonna keep doing it. *Blushes*

After that, I decided to do my part to stimulate the economy. Bought myself a new mini stereo system, a new IPod dock, 2 cd’s, 4 pairs of shoes, some new Hello Kitty/MAC makeup, and some new panties. It’s my job to be a good American, right? I should spend LOTS of money on myself to help the struggling retailers… *Giggles* And I’m going to keep doing my part… I’m going out tomorrow to buy myself a new sleep number bed! :)

And I guess that’s it! It’s 4am here now, and I should probably close this so I can take some calls before I go to sleep. I spent 3 hours with my pussy boy tonight, and after a *large* yummy cash treat from him, I’m thinking I should probably go to sleep soon. Maybe another hour or so, and then I’ll log off to get some sleep for my Princess day. Let’s see if I have favorite feedback before I go…

This one’s from my new friend, Mr. Legs, but you can also read it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

She definitely deserves all the great reviews and high ratings, guys. My new favorite.

SO sweet! (TY, my luv! :) ) Call me if you’re still up, guys! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Wednesday night after Midnight. Bye for now!

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