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Just Saying Hi :)

Seriously. *Smiles* I’ve been in an awesome mood for like, the last 7 days running…so even though I would usually procrastinate this whole blogging thing until it had been way too long? I’m honestly just in a great mood, so I’m writing just cause I feel like it. *Hmph* TOLD you I was getting better at this whole time management thing! Lol…

The weird thing is, I don’t know why I’ve been so happy lately! I’ve tried to think on it, but every time I start overanalyzing it, I start thinking that I should cut it out cause it’s the kind of thing that should be welcomed unquestionably. Don’t you think? So, without overthinking it to death and trying to pinpoint the source, I’ll just tell you what I’ve been up to the last few days.

Pilates on Saturday, and then training with Mr. M. today… I totally should have skipped the gym today though. See, I had to wake up super early before the gym cause I had a hair appointment… And since I had stuff to do after my workout, I didn’t want to work too hard, cause I didn’t want to sweat the style out and have to redo it myself. So today, for the first time EVER, I was actually one of those chicks that I HATE at the gym. Moving through my circuit all slow…taking lots of time between sets just sitting on the machine…skipping cardio altogether cause I didn’t want to sweat too much… Yeah. I was actually one of THOSE bitches. LOL! I’m going to make up for it later this week though…I have torture with Mr. M. on Wednesday AND Thursday. AND, a friend of mine has been telling me about spinning classes…so I ordered myself a padded bike seat. When it comes, I might start doing that on Tuesday nights. Or, maybe I’ll let it collect dust in my closet for 6 months…you never know with me. *Giggles* But I’m going to try. :)

Let’s see, what else… OH! OMG did I have an awesome night playing with you guys on Saturday! I think I only had like, 30 minutes free the entire night! And it was a looong night even for me, cause I stayed up taking calls till 10am on Sunday morning. (I had my reasons, I’ll explain in a minute.) Anyway…2 hours with my sweetheart Gun, 2 hours with Mr. Sweetguy, an hour with Dr. J., and then some random super fun calls from guys I haven’t played with in forever! My DarkSoul, and my old sweetheart Tommy… Even my new foot bitch loser boy came out to play for a while!

So like I said~I had a super fun evening. I made my tight lil pussy cum more times than I can even count! And by the end of the night, I was using my gspot dildo, too. *Blushes* I know, I don’t do that too often. Mostly cause my favorite vibe is just so, ummm…effective. Lol… But once in a while, I do pull out my other toys. And don’t think I’ve never done it with you, because sometimes I don’t tell! I may however, have to start doing it more often…

Anyway, thank you again for being the best callers in the whole wide world! And of course, thank you for all the yummy orgasms… *Giggles* My favorite feedback, from my sweetheart Tommy. You can also find this on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

WOW. It had been a while since my last call with Kylie. She is amazing. Definately the best NF has to offer. If you don’t call, you’re missing out on one amazing, hot girl.

So like I said, I had my reasons for staying up so late the other night. Actually, just one reason. And that was, I needed to stay up till 10am, because that was what time customer service opened for the Select Comfort bed company. And I needed to call them because: I finally decided to buy myself a sleep number bed! I have wanted one of these like forever, and I always put it off cause they’re kinda pricey. But I finally did it and I’m SO excited and I can’t wait till it gets here! Seriously, I know it sounds stupid, but it’s a big deal to me. And if you’re lucky…I may let a few of you help me christen it… *Grins*

And I think that’s it! Did some shopping tonight after the gym…had to get some new lip gloss and MAC just came out with a new line of Hello Kitty makeup, so of course I had to do that. :) I just got an amazing new Snowball USB microphone and shockmount from my wishlist from my sweetheart Gun (TY sooo much, my luv! I adore it!), so I’ve been experimenting with it a bit tonight. It has all kinds of different settings for audio, even one where it will record omnidrectional? Which means, that I can probably set it up on my nightstand with my laptop while I’m in my bed…and who knows what kinds of cool recordings I might be able to make when I don’t have to be concerned about mic positioning… *Smiles* So I’m still experimenting. I may have some surprises for you in the next week.

I’ll be taking calls all night tonight, from Midnight at the latest (probably earlier) until 4 or 5 AM EST. So if you’re up and thinking of me tonight, call me! Remember, tomorrow’s my Princess Day, so if you don’t catch me tonight, you’ll have to wait till Wednesday. No huge plans for Princess Day, just drinks with some girlyfriends and probably some shopping at the mall. Hopefully I’ll still be in my happy mood! Hmmm….you could always make sure of that by making me cum a few times before then… What do you think? *Smiles*

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