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Something Old, Something New…

Don’t worry, I won’t need anything borrowed or blue for my purposes here… I just thought it was a cute lil term for a title. AND, since life is still in a constant stae of flux for me these days, I figure it’s kind of appropriate. Now. I know this will be hard to believe for most of you, but I really have been sticking to my new schedule. Honest! I really have! But I know from the emails I’ve been getting, that lots of you still haven’t been able to get through. Pussy boy likes to monoploize me, as do my money pet PG and my sweetheart Gun. (*Waves hello*) Between the 3 of them, they spoil me rotten and take up about…. Oh, 90% of my available login time! *Smiles* (Not complaining, you three…just explaining to everyone else. You understand. :) )

So, because I’d like to make it a little easier…. AND because I’m starting to go into “REAL man phone sex withdrawal” (Gun’s been shouldering the burden all by himself for like 2 weeks! *Giggles*) I’ve decided to go back to “something old”. Maybe some of you remember years ago when I used to be available in the afternoons? I’m going to add Thursday afternoons (2pm-4 or 5pm EST) to my schedule for a while and see how it goes. YES I’m still a total night owl, so it can’t be every day! Thursday is really the only day that works, especially now that I’ve picked back up with Mr.M at the gym. But I think it will be fun! And actually, I just logged off for the afternoon a few minutes ago. :) So definitely look for me on Thursdays if you ever feel like playing.

Also…do you know what time it is? It’s just after 5pm and I’m actually at my desk! Writing to you, answering emails, and updating my websites. Basically doing all the web stuff that I usually procrastinate till late night, which forces me to multitask, which as we’ve already discussed~I absolutely suck at. *Pouts* It just occurred to me last night that when I first started on Niteflirt, I used to do this every day! And back then, I was almost never late! *Gasp!* I know, right? Simple concept. Why it took me so long to figure out, I have no idea. But that’s another “something old” I’m going to try for a few weeks. Taking some time almost every afternoon to do my web stuff. I’m thinking it will make my life less complicated.

It will also free up MUCH more time for me to work on “something new”. Namely, my podcasting website. It’s still not finished, even though I work on it constantly. I’m just such a perfectionist that I want everything to be perfect before I show it to you. And even after I get it arranged the way I want it, it’s going to take even more time to upload my recordings. *Sighs* So…I’m afraid it’s going to be a while before it goes live. In the meantime, if you’re really craving “something new”, you can check out my new Financial Domination listing. I know, the text doesn’t apply to all of you, but I think it’s beautiful and I know how you guys like new pictures. Also, this blog will be getting a facelift within the next couple weeks! So keep an eye out for it. :)

And that, I’m afraid, is ALL the olds and news that your sweet lil girl can handle for now! *Giggles* You know how it goes…if I take on too much, NONE of it will get done~so it’s gotta be baby steps. And believe me, I have at least a million other things going on right now! I went back to the gym yesterday, and OMG! It had only been a few weeks and still I felt like a weakling! My arms and my quads are burning still today…and yet I volunteered for more torture on Friday. *Frowns* Endorphins are a good thing though, I’m looking forward to it. :)

Then there’s the planning for my Mom to visit next month, buying tickets for us to see “Legally Blonde” (the musical), 50 zillion new website ideas, the catly man is still sick, but getting better… (I refuse to be one of those phone sex girls who writes pages about her pet, so even though I love him to pieces, no more details about my Arnold for you! Ask me if you wanna know more…) And then there’s my shopping addiction, my pilates classes, and all my Princess girly spa stuff… My life is crazy right now! “Spring Forward” is serious!

Which is why I’m looking forward to a little “me” time tonight. Rather, some “me and YOU” time, if you’re up for it…lol… I honestly can’t think of anything better than making my tight lil pussy cum with a few REAL men later. :) I’ll be available and taking calls on Niteflirt from 10 or 11pm till 4 or 5am EST. So call me tonight~even if it’s late! I’m sure I’ll be teasing pussy boy for a couple of hours, but after that…there’ll be plenty of timer to play before I go to sleep. *Giggles* bye for now!

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