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Getting stuff done :)

For once! Lol… Actually, up until a few weeks ago, I was pretty good about getting all my stuff done on a regular basis. Even with my nasty lil procrastination habit. *Smiles* These last few weeks though, I’ve been really pissed off at myself~cause procrastinating is only okay when you actually do the stuff you’re putting off eventually. If you never do it at all, I think it falls under the category of “laziness” instead. And one thing I most definitely am NOT is lazy! Spoiled maybe…but that’s the extent of it. *Giggles*

Anyway, so today was yet another day of early rising for moi. If know me well, you know how I usually stay up taking calls till sunrise, how I curse the thought of waking up before 2pm or so, and the lengths I’ll go to to assure that I have the proper amount of Princess Rest. :) But this is like, the 3rd week I think? Of me waking up at fucking 9am. Seriously! I do it every day! The crazy thing is…I kind of like it. Like, I feel like there’s this whole new freedom in being awake and going out to do stuff while the birds are still chirping and stuff. AND in not having to squeeze all my stuff into my Princess Day on Tuesday, you know?

I still have to work on some parts of it, though. Like making sure I start taking calls earlier at night to make sure I don’t fall asleep before I want to stop playing…lol… It finally occurred to me today though: If I’m going to be up all early, why not get some stuff done that I’d usually put off? Can’t tell you why it took me so long to figure out somethig so simple, but WOW did I get a lot of stuff done today! I finally planned my first podcast, which I’m going to record tonight or tomorrow and post on my podcasting website right after. (Yes, I’m finally going to let you see the new site…lol…) I started working on some goodies for my favorite guys, and I’ll be sending out an email about them this week. (Be excited. If you get this email, you’re going to love what’s inside!) I even logged on to take calls for a few hours this afternoon! So yeah…I think this daytime stuff is my new thing. :) My nighttime hours aren’t changing, so no worries. I’m just going to be around a little more in the daytime, that’s all.

Ummm…what else…. Actually, I’m going to leave it at that so I can save some things for my podcast tonight. I’ll be taking calls tonight, too~so if you want to play with me, look for me after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

I’m not dead!

Honestly, I’m not! *Giggles* Life’s just been really crazy lately, so my usually “limited” schedule has become a lot more like “impossible”… Contrary to popular belief, I AM actually available and taking calls every single night that I’m scheduled and even sometimes when I’m not. Well, except for last Saturday, but I’ll get into that in a minute. :) Anyway, I have been around, it’s just that pussy boy and my sweetheart Gun have been monopolizing me every night. Which is a good thing! *Smiles* But I know you guys get frustrated when you can’t find me. :( Remember, you can always drop me an email to check and see if I’m around even when I’m not scheduled! I don’t always see emails right away, but you never know…

Back to the one night I wasn’t on~last Saturday. You all knew my Mommy was going to be in town, right? So yeah…she was in town for the weekend, and I had so much fun! We saw “Legally Blonde” the musical, we did a mini spa day, we did just a tiny bit of shopping. And of course, we did the all night Wii marathon which is the reason I decided to take the night off. I don’t know why she always wants to keep playing, cause she’s horrible at it and I totally always win! Lol… Either way, we didn’t get done till like 4am, and I was just too sleepy to stay up and start taking calls.

I missed you, though! I’m serious, when I have to go more than 2 days without it, I start going into phone sex withdrawal! *Blushes* It’s okay though, cause I know at least some of you missed me… I got some awesome new wishlist prezzies from my sweetheart Gun, some Amazon gift cards from Mr. Luv, and at least 5 yummy orgasms last night from Ryan and Gun! TY to all 3 of you, and of course to pussy boy for all the *large* yummy cash treats!

I’m actually starting to think that my phone sex withdrawal is a good thing…. When I’m away for a lil while, I get prezzies, and sweet attention, and I cum so fucking hard that I squirt all over my bed! *Blushes* Yes, apparently I’m doing that again now… There’s something really hot about feeling my fingers all wet and slippery while I’m still cumming….don’t you think? :)

And I think that’s it! Just wanted to give you a quick update cause it’s been so many days since I last wrote. It’s actually not even Noon yet, and I’m wide awake and getting my web stuff done! Can you believe it?? Maybe I’ll actually get some of the recordings for my new website finished today….

Anyway, I won’t be taking calls tonight, but I’ll be back Monday night after 11pm EST. So look for me then! I’ll be looking forward to it…


I’ve been a bad lil girl lately. Again. Well, pretty much always~I guess I never stopped. *Giggles* But I digress! I’ve been away from my blog for like a zillion years. I’ve been super hard to get ahold of! I still take calls every other night as usual, but as I explained a couple of posts down, I pretty much get monopolized the moment I log on. And of course, the worst (or best, depending on how you look at it…lol…) is my monster shopping addiction. Seriously. I have been craaaazy this last month!

When I started planning this blog post on my way to bed last night, I started thinking like one of those Mastercard commercials. Beautiful new HP laptop with 17″ widescreen and so much RAM it makes my old laptop seem like a calculator~ $800. Tons of new skin care products from Sonya Dakar (this spa I love in Beverly Hills)~ $500. Awesome new pillows for my new Sleep Number bed~ $300. Oh yeah! My Sleep Number bed itself~ $3000. And of course the MAC makeup, and the shoe shopping at Nordstrom’s, and my hair appointments and nail appointments and facials… Anyway, the punch line: Living my life like a totally spoiled lil princess without a care in the world? Priceless. *Smiles*

I don’t know, I mean of course I totally love it! And although I hate to discuss it at all, the recession is making for some REALLY good deals. But I have to stop! Seriously! Even though wishlist prezzies have been coming all week (TY Ryan and Gun!! I adore all of them!) I still can’t stop! I was honestly driving home from the dentist this morning, and it’s a beautiful sunny day here in Florida, and I found myself daydreaming about where I could stop to spend money today. Like did I maybe want to get my car detailed? Or maybe do a walk in at my massage spa and get a foot massage really quick? *Arrgh!* I think you guys have created a monster! Yep, it’s totally your fault for spoiling me completely rotten all the time. Lol…

I’m not really complaining, you know I love it when you do. :) I’m just injecting some humor into the whole “telling you what I’ve been up to lately” deal. Cause that’s what I’ve been doing. Shopping. Lots of it. And a little bit of working out~I’m trying really hard not to hurt myself again so I’ve been taking it slow. And working on my new website, albeit very slowly! Lol… And calls of course! Mostly with pussy boy and Gun, but I’ve been busy on the phone every night. For those of you who are still trying to connect with me, there’s good news! My money pet PG and pussy boy are in the doghouse right now for not finishing assignments, so I’m not talking to either of them until they finish them. Which means, that until further notice, I should be available and taking calls on Niteflirt by no later than 11pm EST on the nights that I’m usually on. I saw on Saturday night that I missed a few appointments cause I was on the phone for 5 hours straight, so hopefully some of you will look for me the next couple nights. :)

Let’s see, what else… Oh! This coming Saturday may be a little hectic, my Mommy is flying in on Friday and she’ll be here till Monday. We’re doing hair appointments and mani/pedis and shopping and seeing “Legally Blonde”. Yep, more of my shopping addiction, but I think spending time with my Mommy definitely counts as priceless too~don’t you think? :) Anyway, I’ll still be taking calls Saturday night, but maybe not till 1am or so. Just check my status up at the top left or my Twitter box at the bottom right if you ever wanna check to see if I’m on.

And I guess that’s it! I’m going to close this now, cause it’s only 3pm (I know! So early for me! I actually woke up at 10AM today! Can you believe it??) and I want to get a walk in and maybe catch up on some reading. I’ll be taking calls by 11pm tonight, so if you’ve been missing me? Call me tonight! Bye for now!