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Almost :)

So, have you missed me? *Smiles* I know, I know, I said I was taking a short vacation and then I stayed gone for like, ever… Leave it to me to magically turn 5-7 days into a two week long holiday, right? *Giggles* Yeah. I wish I had given it more thought before I made my last post~if I had, I might’ve known to warn you that my vaca would last longer than I originally planned. :)

Anyway, it was good! It was insanely good to have lots and lots of ME time to do whatever I wanted! :) Granted, this last week was pretty much just shopping, and sleeping, catching up on reading and watching a few movies… In case you hadn’t noticed, I like to spoil myself as much as you guys like to spoil me! So I took a whole extra Princess week and it was wonderful. *Grins*

AND, although I’m taking this last night off as well cause it’s one of my usual nights off and cause I just feel like it…lol… I’m almost back taking calls again! On Saturday (yes, that means tomorrow) I’ll be available on Niteflirt. Most likely for a couple hours in the afternoon, and then again late night as usual after 10 or 11PM.

Just wanted to take a second to write a quick note and let you know that I’ll definitely be back tomorrow night! So if you feel like playing, call me! You can ask me about my vaca, you can tell me what you’ve been up to, but MOST of all…you can make me cum!! *Giggles* Well, we’ll cum together, of course…

Bye for now!

Spring Break

As I mentioned below, I’m taking a little “Spring Vacation” starting tomorrow…. I thought I’d give you a little something to listen to while I’m away. I’ll be taking calls tonight (as usual) from sometime after 9 or 10pm EST until whenever I get sleepy. But if you aren’t seeing this post till after Monday night, go ahead and take a listen. It’s just a short audio, but if you miss me while I’m gone, you can listen to my sweet lil young voice to your hearts’ content till I get back. :)

Of course, if you miss me too much, you can always drop me an email (I’ll still be checking and responding while I’m away.) OR, you can play with one of my super hot girlyfriends! Check out my sites Barely Legal Phone or Phone Sex Girlfriends! There’s new girls and brand new blog posts on both sites, so make sure to take a look when you have time. Bye for now! :)

ETA: Unfortunately, I think I overdid it with my free weights today. *Pouts* So I’m not taking calls tonight, and I’m really glad I uploaded this audio earlier, cause it looks like that’s all you’ll have of me till I get back! :( BIG hugs and long wet kisses!! See you next week!

My goodies :)

See? Told you this daytime thing was going to work out eventually. :) Just a little update: I finally got one of my little projects done today, AND I got it all emailed out! So check your inbox on Niteflirt when you get a chance… If you’re one of my very favorite guys, there’s a surprise waiting for you. Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing huge! But it’s definitely something that lots of you have been alluding to for a long time. And I think you’ll like it. And isn’t it an awesome surprise just to find out that you’re one of my favorites? *Giggles* I thought so.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get the email. Not only are there plenty of ways for you to become one of my favorites (just ask me if you want to know how it’s done), there’s also another project I’m working on that will be available to everyone. I’ll post about it when it’s done so you can check it out. :) I had been planning to finish it up tonight, along with some website updates and my podcast and maybe even some calls. But I’ve been up since like 11am running errands, and doing crazy housework, playing with my new carpet cleaner (TY Gun!!) and finishing that email… Now I’m tired! :( I most likely won’t be taking calls again till Saturday night, but we’ll see how it goes.

Moving on… I’m totally looking forward to this weekend, cause I know it’s going to be filled with LOTS of REAL man phone sex! Pussy boy has misbehaved, yet again, but this time he’s fucked up so badly that he can’t buy his way back into my good graces like he usually does. I’m going to keep the details of his fuck up private cause I think I’ve humiliated him enough…lol… He’s totally on bitch detail doing all kinds of menial tasks for yours truly, I’ve made it my mission to make sure his shame is very public, and best of all~I’ve cut him off from talking to me completely for the next few weeks. Which means: LOTS of my availability wide open to have yummy phone sex! REAL man phone sex where I actually get to cum at the end! OMG it’s been awesome! :) I’ve been having SO much fun and yummy orgasms all week long! So like I said~totally looking forward to this weekend! I wanna make my tight lil pussy cum like a zillion times before I fall asleep on Saturday night! *Smiles*

What else… Oh! For those of you who didn’t know, I’m going to be taking about a week off starting on my Princess Day (next Tuesday) May 5th. It’s time for a little vacation, so I figured I should give you a heads up in advance. Just know that I’ll miss you lots and lots while I’m away, and I absolutely can’t wait to get back! Right now it looks like I’ll be back on Thursday May 14th, but I’ll probably write here and possibly podcast while I’m gone.

Now, favorite callers… Yep, I finally get to have favorite callers again with pussy boy cut off! Feels like it’s been forever! Anyway, to my sweet Dr.J, my Gentleman Caller B, my sweetheart Gun, and my old favorite FS… TY for the looong yummy calls, the sweet lil notes, the yummy cash treats, and of course the wishlist prezzies! It’s been a crazy week for me, but playing with you always makes me smile. :)

And my favorite feedback, which I’ll post below. It’s from my old favorite FS, and you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

It had been WAY too long since I caught up with my favorite girl Kylie. Her sweet voice, her sexy laugh, everything about her is absolutely perfect! That’s why I keep calling her after all this time, and why if you’re reading this, you should call her too

I guess that’s it! It’s just after 7pm now, and right now I don’t know if I’m going to take calls tonight or not. I’ll make up my mind by 9pm or so, so if you see me available, call me tonight! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 10 or 11pm EST on Saturday. Bye for now!