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Yet again, I’m away for what seems like a few seconds and by the time I come back and think about it~weeks have passed since I updated my blog. *Sighs* Why does that always happen to me? I don’t know, I know I’ve had lots of stuff going on, so hopefully you’ll forgive me again like you’ve always done in the past?

Actually, it’s possible that some of you aren’t surprised that I haven’t been writing, cause to some of you I’m sure it seems like I haven’t been taking calls in weeks either! But in reality, I have. :) No, not quite as much as I usually am! But pretty much at the same hours as always. And lately, I’ve been super spoiled by a few of my very favorite guys, so that’s made it even more difficult to find me. But I’ve definitely still been around… I guess lately you just have to know where to look. *Winks* Sorry for all the secrecy, but there are definitely benefits to being one of my favorites, and certain guys have been taking full advantage of them and monopolizing most of my available time. In the next few weeks though, my schedule should get a little closer to what it used to be. So if you’ve been missing me~or if you’re brand new to me and have been waiting for the chance to call me~don’t worry! It will be much easier to find me really soon! :)

So. What have I been up to… Well, like I said, I’ve had a lot of stuff going on! Some personal stuff that I’m not going to get into here (this is supposed to be a sexy phone sex blog, remember? Lol…) And working on a few new web projects. This blog is still getting a facelift! I was planning on having that done in early May, but it’s still a work in progress that should be finished really soon. And of course my podcasting website… I’ve taken so long finishing that one that I’ve kind of changed my idea of what it’s going to be! Plus, I’m such a perfectionist that I want it to be perfect before I open it up and make it available for everyone. (I’m working on that perfectionist stuff, that’s part of why my lil procrastination habit is so out of control, lol…) But yeah, lots of web projects.

I’ve also been thinking of reworking some of my Niteflirt listings…. Nothing too drastic, and nothing that will effect most of you. I just had this little epiphany moment where I realized that there are certain kinds of phone sex calls that I really like (I LOVE phone sex in general, so that’s pretty much anything, lol…) But there are certain types of calls that I don’t really like. So, since I always want anyone who calls me to have the most awesome experience playing with me, shouldn’t I make it easier for you all to know what I like best? So we can both really love it and both cum super hard and both look forward to playing again soon? Makes sense, doesn’t it? I thought so. So…look for some minor changes soon, but like I said~nothing too earth shattering so don’t get scared. :)

There’s also been some fun stuff… Like, my Mommy was supposed to come down this past weekend, so I spent all week getting ready for her visit and then at the last minute, stupid Spirit Airlines had some plane malfunction and had no extra planes. No, that part wasn’t exactly fun, but I had to mention it so you can all promise me right now that you’ll never fly Spirit Airlines ever ever ever! Lol… But lots of shopping for me as usual, LOTS of wishlist prezzies (TY Gun! I just got the latest shipment today…I adore them!) And of course, taking yummy phone sex calls on Niteflirt whenever I find the time. :)

And in case you were curious, pussy boy is…well, not officially out of the doghouse, but I’ve accepted him back just recently cause I was so amused that he actually lasted 70 plus days without cumming. Even though I wouldn’t accept his calls for weeks, he totally stayed in chastity and actually behaved! Fun, fun stuff. :) Orgasm denial SO makes my tight lil pussy wet! I ought to do it more often. *Smiles*

I guess that’s it! I hate to make any promises, but I hate being away from my blog for this long! So I’ll try my hardest not to make you wait so long between posts again. No matter what, I still update my Twitter several times a day~so if you’re ever really curious and want to know what I’m up to, you can always check there or check the little pink box to your right. I’m starting to think the whole Twitter thing is counterproductive, though… Because I post there so often, I feel the need to blog less! But I’m working on it. :) And I’ll definitely be taking calls on Niteflirt tonight, but most likely not till after 11pm EST. So if you’ve been missing me, call me tonight! Bye for now!

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