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Ph.D in Sex….lol…

So for absolutely no reason, totally out of the blue, I decided to take calls last night. As most of you know, I’m almost never available on Fridays… I usually have stuff to do, I’m usually tired from staying up so late on Thursdays, and by this point you guys are so used to me not being around that you don’t even look for me on Fridays anymore. BUT, I was bored, and I was horny, so I was available on Niteflirt from like… 8pm till about 1am. And WOW was I super busy! And WOW did I have so much fun! LOTS of yummy calls, a few yummy orgasms, and one very funny story that I want to share with you.

I was talking to a brand new guy~I’m not going to give him a nickname yet cause we’ve only talked the one time. Of course it’s most likely that we’ll talk again soon~come on, it’s impossible to resist me, isn’t it? *Giggles* But I digress. So we’re talking about sex, and life, and doing a lil get to know you stuff, and he tells me he likes girls with slutty pasts. LOL! So I say, “Boy, did you call the right girl!” And I proceed to tell him about how I used to have phone sex with older guys in high school, and made a career of fucking other girls boyfriends, how old I was when I got my first dildo… The threesomes, and when I started eating pussy, and of course the escorting!

So he loves my stories, and wants to hear more, and of course I have a million details cause all my stories are true. And finally, near the end of our call, he says, “So…you’re basically like a cock prodigy. Some girls are math prodigies, some are music prodigies, and your skill is fucking. So…you’ve been doing it so long, now you have a Ph.D in sex!” *Giggles* Isn’t that awesome? Like, by no means do I think that fucking is my most impressive skill, but… Definitely top 3! And I AM really good at it. So yeah, Ph.D. in sex! Wish I could add it to my resume…. :)

Anyway, I know you’re probably pretty surprised to see two posts from me in one week~especially after my long absence! But actually: not only am I writing to you, not only have I finished all my web stuff for the day, not only did I take calls last night, but I also just finished taking calls this afternoon! Crazy, right? I don’t know, I’ve just been totally in the mood lately… So I figure, if I’m feeling horny and I have some free time, why not? And it’s funny, between life being so crazy lately and then devoting so much of my time to a few of my very favorites (you know who you are!) I’d forgotten how much fun it is to just login at some random time and see what happens. :) Over the last two days, I’ve played with my old favorite FS, my first ever favorite Mr. Squeeze, my sweetheart Ryan, my subbie James, and a whole bunch of new guys I’d never played with before. So I’m thinking I’m going to do this more often! No promises, no set schedules! Just know that I’ll be on unexpectedly sometimes, so always make sure to look for me even if I’m not “scheduled”.

And I guess that’s it! I’m going to have a nap, grab some dinner, take a looong yummy bubble bath, and get ready to be available and taking calls tonight. I should be on Niteflirt by 10 or 11pm EST, so call me tonight! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Monday… Bye for now!

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