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I *heart* my Princess Day!

I do! I feel kind of silly saying it though, cause I take so many days off lately… Seems like almost every day is Princess Day around here! *Giggles* But seriously, I really do! This week was perfect… Stupid doctor’s appointment (which was kinda lame, but still had it’s merits. *Smiles*) Mani/pedi with my very first cute boy manicurist, which was weird at first~some strange guy rubbing my feet and all. Eventually I started loving it though, he was hot and it started to get kinda sexy! Though I think it erases the point of having cute boy nail techs if the only thing they’ll keep on the damn TV is ESPN…lol… Anyway, I got awesome glittery pink and white french nails and toes which look completely fucking adorable! So, good stuff. :)

Then, I had dinner with a super close friend of mine from middle school. Let’s see if I can explain this backstory briefly, cause it’s kinda funny. :) K. So, I’ve known him for forever, from way back when I lived in Michigan. He’s actually the first guy who ever went down on me, but when that happened, he was kind of bisexual. He’s gay now (and he was by the end of high school) but that’s besides the point. Not only did we do lots of yummy threesomes together (among other naughty things!*Blushes*) but I’ve also had sex with both of his brothers, and of course the pussy licking thing. I gotta say, a girl always has a soft spot for the guy who first makes her pussy cum with his tongue! *Giggles*

Anyway, I digress… He lives in Florida now, has for a few years but we just recently got back in touch. AND, he has a boyfriend. Who just happens to be a hairstylist and makeup artist. So basically I just hit the gay trifecta. LOL! So we’ve been hanging out, partying a little, just basically having fun. Which is a good thing. :)

I haven’t had too much availability the past few days… Saturday night was completely monopolized by my sweetheart Gun (wonderful call, yet again, my luv! I look forward to playing with you again this weekend…) Then Monday was taken by pussy boy. He’s pretty much almost punished again though, so no worries~this week I should be a lot easier to find. And of course, still working on my million and one web projects that never seem to get finished no matter how hard I try! *Pouts* I think I have to start making my to do lists smaller. Then maybe I could actually get one finished before having to start another…

And I guess that’s it! I’m taking calls now, I’ll only be on till 4am or so but no worries! I’ll definitely be on tomorrow. I just wanted to stop in and write a quick note cause I’m really making an effort not to neglect my blog for so long ever again. (How am I doing? Are you proud of me? Lol…) I know you guys like to know what’s gong on in my life, but hopefully once I get back into the habit of writing more often, my posts will be a little more interesting. *Smiles* Anyway, bye for now!

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