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My kind of roleplay…

Well. I was up till after 5am to get it finished, but I finally got one of my recent projects done! Just the one, so I have like 5 million more to do! Lol… But this one in particular I mentioned here the other week, so after I was done taking calls last night, I was in the zone so I stayed up till I got it all done. And since it may effect some of you, I wanted to explain before anyone sees it and starts asking questions on the phone that could be answered here. :)

So…my new Roleplay listing is finally done. The pics and graphics are semi new, but that’s not the part that needs explaining. *Smiles* It’s the text that’s changed…my idea of good roleplay has kinda changed! And since my life has calmed down a bit and I’ll be available and taking calls more often, I thought it was time to start “fine tuning” things a little bit. So if you’re a guy who likes my yummy fantasies and roleplays, you should definitely check it out.

But I digress. The basics of my kind of roleplay are the same. I still love barely legal fantasies, I still get totally turned on by cuckolding… I like seducing you or being seduced or the million and one other fantasies that I’ve gotten off on in the past. The thing that’s changed is…well, not really changed, because it’s always been my preference~ My kind of roleplay, my favorite kind of phone sex roleplay, is what I call “GFE (girlfriend experience) Roleplay”. And as it says on my new listing, I don’t mean that the only roleplays I enjoy involve making love and cuddling! *Smiles* Of course I love those things, but don’t let the term GFE confuse you. :)

The following is from my roleplay listing: “Roleplay for me is a very intimate experience. Sure, it makes my tight little pussy wet, but it makes me wetter when it involves my MIND, as well! My favorite part is cumming with you, not just talking at you. For me, roleplay is a realistic experience, not just anonymous phone fucking. Hence, I like guys who can communicate with me, who are open to sharing their fantasies – no matter how kinky they may be!”

Translated, this says: I prefer playing with guys who actually talk to me. I like to know your name, I like to know what you like, I need to know what drives your particular fantasy. For example, if I ask you what you’re thinking, don’t just say, “I like cheerleaders.” Say, “I’m in the mood for a naughty cheerleader who’s really innocent but a total cock tease.” See the difference? Just a few extra words make it so much better! :) So please, think before you call! I’m totally happy to fill in the details~it’s actually much better that way! But it’s more fun for both of us if I don’t have to waste our time together playing guessing games about what you like.

Also (and most of you already know this about me) I’m not a phone sex robot! I don’t do talking at you, I love cumming with you. I’m not knocking it if this is your kind of roleplay! But if your plan is to call me up, tell me a vague idea of what you like, and then sit in silence while I describe it all for you… You don’t want to call me~you’ll just be disappointed. Honestly, I hate to say that about anything ever, but it’s true. It only gets HOT for me when I can hear your reactions…when I can hear you breathing and excited…when I know you’re right there in the moment with me. THAT’S when I start touching my pussy and wanting to cum! And for me, that’s the best part of phone sex….

Anyway. Hopefully you understand where I’m coming from. *Smiles* I realize that it may be a bit of an unwanted challenge to have to do all this planning before a phone sex call! (I’m worth it, though~check out the feedback on my Roleplay Listing if you’re on the fence. *Giggles*) But, even though it might mean that some guys reading this won’t want to play with me, that’s okay! If explaining like this makes it so I get to cum with guys who really get me, and like my kind of roleplay? Then I get to enjoy what I love to do, and I’m totally okay with that. :)

I think that’s it! I started this post thinking it would be a quick one, and now it’s after 1am! Between writing here and talking to pussy boy for an hour, it’s almost my bedtime and I haven’t even started taking calls! I’m thinking I’ll log in for an hour or so and see what happens. And of course, I’ll be taking calls Saturday night as usual, sometime after 11pm EST. Bye for now!

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