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Happy 4th!!

Technically, as it’s almost 1am for me, it’s the 5th of July now. You’re all pretty much used to me always being late by now though, right? *Smiles* Either way, I hope you all had an awesome Holiday and that you’re enjoying this weekend as much as I am! I spent the day BBQing with the boys and my BGF… Not actually using the grill myself, obviously~I’ve never grilled on my own and I’d have hated to burn their house down. Lol… So supervising the cooking, and drinking mimosas and sangria, laying out in my tiny bikini cause it was gorgeous outside! And just basically enjoying the day. We didn’t do fireworks or anything, I never see the point of volunteering to go downtown for all that madness when I can see them from home! (And besides, I like sparklers better anyway. YES, I brought my own sparklers. YES, they were pink. And NO, you’re not allowed to laugh! *Giggles*)

So I got home a few hours ago, exhausted and definitely feeling the alcohol, in desperate need of a shower and a nap. Funny how my “power naps” always turn into full blown sleep when I have something I need to wake up for…lol… So of course, I overslept, and my warm, delicious shower didn’t help matters at all! Got out, put on my sexy lil jammies, and proceeded to fall asleep again in front of my laptop. And did I mention that I was up all night last night working on web stuff and trying on clothes and shoes I forgot I owned? Yeah. For some reason, I was a total insomniac last night. Which is really strange, cause we all know how much I love my Princess Rest, right? *Smiles* But I just couldn’t stay asleep for more than an hour, so eventually I just decided to get up and get some stuff done.

The good part is, I’m actually making progress on my “web projects to do list” that I’ve been procrastinating forever. AND, I’ve finally admitted to myself that I honestly own WAY too much stuff! So I’m going to put my shopping addiction on hold for a couple weeks while I weed out all the stuff that’s too old or too big for me to donate and/or sell on Ebay. Why it took me so long to figure it out when my closets have been overflowing for at least the last 2 years now, I have no idea! But it’s okay~baby steps, right? :)

The bad part is, that I’m so sleep deprived and wiped out from a whole day of sun, I don’t think there’s any way that I can take calls tonight. *Pouts* Well, I know I could try, but I’m pretty sure it would end in me falling asleep on the phone. Or talking in my sleep and saying who knows what kind of nonsense~which would be even more embarrassing! Lol… Anyway, you know my rules: I only take calls when I’m feeling happy, sexy, and horny…and when I know that I can give you the kind of awesome phone sex call that you’re used to from me. I just can’t be one of those phone sex girls who stays logged in while sleeping! Sometimes I wish I could do that, but I’m thinking you like it better my way, right? Totally focused on you and only you…remembering what we’ve talked about in the past and retaining what REALLY gets you excited so it can be even more fun the next time…. And of course, being awake enough to want to cum with you in the first place! *Grins*

So…unfortunately…*sighs*… I’m going to take the night off. But in exchange, I’m going to login to Niteflirt tomorrow (Sunday) for a few hours to try and fit in some playtime before the evening rolls around. Most likely right after I wake up, so like…11am or Noon EST? BGF and his boyfriend are coming over in the afternoon to cut and color my hair, so I’ll be available and taking calls until around 3 or 4pm. So look for me then and call me if you feel like playing! I haven’t taken calls on a Sunday in a looong time, so I’m definitely looking forward to it!

And I guess that’s it~your sweet lil girl is off to bed. Going to pop in some “Family Guy” to fall asleep to, and maybe get lucky enough to have some naughty wet dreams! *Blushes* OH, and I almost forgot! To my favorite Saturday night lover (you know who you are) I’ll IM you in a minute…but I’m hoping you might find some time late night tomorrow? If you can, I’ll make myself available especially for you whenever it works for you. :)

Bye for now, guys! And again, Happy 4th of July!

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