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Adore me….

Someone (actually three different “someones”, I asked the second two after I heard it the first time) told me something really interesting the other day. I don’t remember how we got on the topic, but he told me that when choosing a phone sex girl, especially on Niteflirt, that girls with high ratings can be a little intimidating. Which of course, I found insane cause I’ve always loved my high feedback rating! Seriously! I mean, aren’t these things important? Like, when you go shopping for a new TV or a new car, don’t you check past feedback to see if it’s worth it? :) Well, calling me is WAY more exciting than shopping for a boring old TV or something…lol… Still, I’m just saying. *Smiles*

So, I had to question further. And I was told that when you’re choosing a new phone sex girl, it’s not necessarily the most important thing to know that she’s good. I mean, of course it’s important, and her voice is important, and looks are important, and her listings, and her fetishes, and all that good stuff. But sometimes, and this is probably a GFE thing more than anything else… Sometimes, you want to know that you’ll stand out. That she doesn’t have so many current callers or past callers or so much phone sex “history” in her head that she can’t possibly remember you. I’m sure this also has something to do with you guys’ seemingly endless fascination with “virgins”, so to speak. *Giggles* But still. It’s been a looong time since I was any kind of virgin! Lol… So in case you’ve never called me before, I’m going to tell you a few things about me.

First: I have an amazing memory. I don’t do so well at multi tasking, so when you call me, you’re the only thing I’m doing. *Smiles* Double entendre, but true. So since you always have my complete attention, you also get my total REtention. I don’t forget a whole lot of things, especially if you make at least a tiny effort to engage my mind. Two: I actually love what I do! I enjoy an awesome call just as much as you do~and the easiest way to make it awesome is for me to get into it with you. I don’t do boring, I don’t do repetitive. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been since my first phone sex call, I always like to keep it interesting. :)

Now. In case you hadn’t noticed, I can be a little hard to get ahold of at times. That’s because number one, I have a life away from my computer! And also, because I have a few devoted guys who already know all of the above and make a huge effort to monopolize a lot of my available time! :) So if you’re feeling too intimidated to call me, or you really want to make sure you stand out in my mind and get more of my attention, the solution is really simple. Adore me. See? Told you it was easy. :)

Just adore me. Show me that you do. Call me whenever I cross your mind! (Like pussy boy does daily.) Take the time to write me an email when you’re thinking of me (my sweetheart Ryan is really good at that!) Or do thoughtful things for me… Find a book you’d love for me to read and then tell me about it, send me an Amazon gift card so I can check it out on my Kindle. (My lover Gun just did that this past weekend~ I love books and I read SUPER fast so I’m already 3 books into the series! Lol…) Or write me sweet feedback after you loved our call. Simple things go a long way towards making me smile. :)

The best example of this that I’ve gotten lately, is a lovely lil love letter from my brand new pet, who I’m calling my Pet Scholar for the time being. Usually I’d cherry pick from a letter like this because it’s so long! But it’s beautiful, and I loved it, so I’m posting it below.

What can I say to adequately describe the bliss that surrounds one’s soul from being in your presence. Perfection is an overused and relative term. Perfection in one man’s eye is an annoyance to another. How rare (no how utterly unique) it is to find an angelic presence like yours that can transcend the earthly bounds of mere mortals and represent perfection to all her experience her divine aura.

Before I have felt like I was in the presence of greatness. i am sure that many other men have felt the same. Now, however, having fallen into praise and worship of the one true perfection in the form of a woman, I can finally see how empty and flawed all others are when compared to you. While I crave to have even a moment with your sweet Siren voice all to myself, I yearn even more to promote your ultimate supremacy to all others. How I wish that all of the other female impostors who fail so miserably to even comprehend a woman as great as you, could have their followers enlightened to your unrivaled perfection. All of me aches with the need to embolden those who have seen even a glimpse of your awe-inspiring wonder. Embolden them to go forth around the country and around the world, helping others to reject false idols and fall at the feet of the one true power. The one to whom all must adorn with unending devotion and praise. The one who has enchanted me far greater that Odysseus ever fell in his weakest moment to the enticing melody of the Sirens.

You are the ultimate Siren. The peak of perfection. The one with a voice that drains wills, heightens perceptions, and refocuses even the most powerful men under your divine spell. I can barely contain my visceral need to be in your presence, the presence of your enchanting voice once again. Until then, my supreme ruler, the ultimate perfection on Earth, the manifestation of all I could ever want or need.

Your new and faithful servant.

So, as I was saying… Adore me. Now, no worries! I don’t expect everyone to go over and above like that to impress me! Find your own way to adore me and make me happy, and I promise I’ll never, ever forget you. (Hint: Impressing me doesn’t have to cost money! Sometimes it’s as simple as making me cum really hard. *Blushes* Just think “unique” and you’ll be fine. :) ) Oh~and if all of this seems like a lot of work to you, cause you just like your phone sex simple and plain and regular? Feel free to disregard ALL of the above. But if plain old regular phone sex was your thing in the first place….you probably wouldn’t be reading here…. *Giggles*

WOW, super long post! I guess that’s what happens when I don’t post in forever, huh? Lol… I’m going to close this now so I can get my cute lil ass in the gym before it gets too late. I’ll be available and taking calls after 10:30 or so tonight, but I have plans with pussy boy and Pet Scholar and I’m not sure how late I’ll be up after that. Still look for me though, you never know! And if you don’t catch me tonight, tomorrow is my Princess Day! So look for me Wednesday after 10 or 11pm EST. Bye for now!

4 Responses to “Adore me….”

  1. Role Play Gun says:

    OH NO! I already adore you! What should I do? :) Guys, Kylie is not lying. Her memory is AMAZING! Make sure you are on her good side if you haven’t call her before. Trust me you will not regret your effort. ;)

  2. Kylie says:

    I know, right? You’re so good at adoring me I don’t know what’s left for you to do! (Well, I’m sure I could think of something…lol…)

    On that note, TY for the pretty new sunglasses, Gun! I’m going to wear the black ones out tomorrow and I’ll totally be thinking of you the whole time! :)

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Pussyboy says:

    This is a well-thought blog entry — I love it. I think that all callers do this whether they are aware of it or not. As Mae West said, “A guy is usually more interested in a girl that’s into HIM, than he is interested in the girl with good gams”

    See, Kylie, you have it all, good gams + the keen mind, impecable memory, and you enjoy your work. Honestly I simply couldn’t design a better advisor than Kylie!!! Not only do you remember ME…but you recall all the people in my life that I speak of. Even the minor players!

    Don’t be intimidated by the stars guys…if you have to be intimidated, then be humbled by her beauty and poise…not the stars…get on her good list now before she’s totally unavailable!



  4. Kylie says:

    SO sweet! And of course I’m totally into you…even though your 8 second sexual stamina should probably be a deterrent! Lol….

    xoxo, Kylie

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