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LOTS of website news!

Seriously, LOTS! I’ve been working my cute lil butt off over here lately! *Giggles* I’m finally done with a few things, so it’s about time that I find time to share them with you. :)

First: I’ve added new girls to my Phone Sex Girlfriends site. For those of you who love gfe phone sex, if you haven’t checked out the site in a while? You should definitely take a look! I’ve also added some new girls to my Barely Legal Phone site. You can check out the site if you’d like, but the page where you can find all of my new and yummy barely legal friends is right HERE. I always like to give you options for when I’m not around cause it happens so often lately… :)

Second: I’ve finally finished my new podcasting site! It’s called The Phone Sex Radio, and I’d LOVE for you to check it out and tell me what you think! It’s still a little bit under construction, so I have yet to add a podcast or voice samples or any of that good stuff (I promise it’s coming!) I did add a few girls to that site as well. You can check them out HERE or just browse through the site to find them on your own. For the first few podcasts I do, I’ll probably post them here and over there… So don’t worry, I’ll let you know here when there’s an update and when it’s all done.

Third: I finally made that orgasm recording I’ve been talking about forever! I was just in a super horny mood on Saturday, and I felt like making myself cum, and I thought, why not? *Blushes* So… It’s $10, only about 3 minutes long, actually just over that I think, and it’s in MP3 format. Be warned though, there’s not a whole lot of talking! Definitely some in the beginning, but the main attraction is me moaning and playing and cumming pretty loud with my hitachi magic wand. :) I hope you like it! You can check it out if you’re so inclined by clicking the button below:

Last: I know it probably doesn’t seem like it, but I’ve been a very good girl for the last week or so, sticking to my new schedule that’s posted below. Honestly! I know how hard it is to find me sometimes, so after I posted it, I was all motivated to actually do it and not procrastinate for once. And then my very first night of being on time, Pet Scholar called and monopolized me for hours at a time for a few days. Of course after that happened, PussyBoy didn’t take too kindly to someone else sneaking in and stealing his nightly time with me. *Giggles* So for the rest of this past week, including all of this weekend, it’s been all PussyBoy, all the time. Which is awesome cause he’s been in total chastity and still spoiling me rotten! But not so awesome for anyone else who’s been looking for me, I know. :( So this coming week, I’m going to try to stay up taking calls till 3am instead of 2 and see how that works out. No promises! I get kinda sleepy lately, so I don’t want to make any serious commitments! But we’ll see.

And I guess that’s it! My original plan was to take calls for a couple of hours tonight. But after shopping all afternoon, all the site updates, and the web chores, and a small break to let my Slut Chase send me yummy cash treats and tell me all about his upcoming male sex party…. Maybe I should be calling it an orgy instead? *Smiles* But I digress, as usual. Anyway. Making dinner, taking a looong yummy bubble bath, finally getting my Doctor Who fix (YAY!! It’s my favorite show!) It’s already technically Monday and I have to meet my trainer in the AM. So… I’m thinking it’s bedtime for me. Actually a little reading first, but then it’s totally bedtime! Lol…

I’ll be back Monday night after 10pm EST. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! And if we haven’t played lately, I look forward to cumming with you very soon… *Smiles*

One Response to “LOTS of website news!”

  1. PussyBoy says:

    APATT — short for All pussyboy all the time…loves it. I really COULD get used to that! Oh, and the new recording….Unreal…awesome..sweet mary mother of fuck, that was good…You’ve gotta have a listen…or two or three!

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