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In the meantime….

Have you been having a hard time finding me on Niteflirt this week? *Sighs* Some of you have been emailing me to tell me so, so I guess we should get it out of the way. Usually, I wouldn’t address this kind of thing at all, but now that it’s been going on for almost a week! I feel like I should. Here goes! :)

Apparently, the little pink box down to your right (which shall remain nameless! Lol…) has been causing some confusion. I’ve always thought it was an awesome thng to have a 140 character “micro blog” so I can update you guys on what’s going on with me, and my schedule, and whatever funny lil thoughts I have rattling around in my head. *Smiles* Unfortunately, I’ve been informed that keeping that pink box/widget/thingy/whatever (lol) in it’s former state, actually linking you all back to the page with ALL of my updates, is a big no no. I won’t get into all the reasons why I find it insane, but okay! So be it.

So… I removed the link back, but KEPT the pretty pink box down there. WITHOUT any kind of link. (Go ahead! Click it and try! Lol…) Cause I like pretty pink boxes. Don’t you? I mean…sexy, slippery, bald pink boxes are a little more exciting than that one, but… *Blushes* Anyway. Until the people who make the rules and who think it’s a problem can find the time to come back and reevaluate (and actually click the box to see that it’s not a link!! Lol…) Until that happens, if you want to play with me, you’ll have to be pretty creative to find me on Niteflirt. In the meantime, you have a few options.

  • You can always (always!) click the call button up to your left if I’m available. The call buttons still work just fine. :)
  • You can also look for me in your favorites list, if you’ve added me before. If you haven’t, I believe you still can by visiting my Anything Goes Listing. Then, you can see my availability anytime right from Niteflirt.
  • If you prefer to dial direct, you can always just call me at 1 800 648 2389 and enter extension 0592907.

Complicated, huh? *Pouts* I suppose I could always just take down my pretty pink box… OR, I could remove the link to my site from my Niteflirt pages. BUT, I like you guys being able to read more about me! I like you having easy access to my sites and my blog and my updates and stuff! And besides~this is MY spoiled lil self centered corner of the internet, and since without the link I’m not doing anything wrong…. I think we’ll try it this way and see what happens. Hopefully, this will all be sorted out by next week. :)

And that, my sweets, is why I’ve been even MORE difficult to find this week! Well, that and pussy boy every night…lol… But that’s a whole nother story! :) I was briefly considering taking calls tonight, but somehow time always gets away from me on Fridays! I always wake up with a huge plan, and after I get a million things done and feel like taking some yummy phone sex calls? I look at the clock and it’s after Midnight. Every single week it happens! Today I was just doing boring stuff… Had some shopping to do, had to wash my car, planning new websites, you know, the usual. And also, planning for my Mommy to visit next Thursday! I’m so excited! Oh, yeah~ My schedule will probably be funky next weekend because of that… I’ll update mid week to let you know how it looks.

I’ll be taking calls after 10pm on Saturday, so make sure you check my availability here and then call me! Playing with my cuckold all week has definitely been fun, but since he doesn’t deserve to hear me get off, I haven’t made my tight lil pussy cum since….Tuesday. I know, crazy, right? Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to fix that later… *Smiles*

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