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NEWS: Niteflirt Upgrade

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but in the coming weeks, Niteflirt will be upgrading their systems. *Sighs* I know, I know, boring stuff!  That’s why I gave you such a a yummy pic to look at while I tell you about it.  Aren’t I a sweetheart?  smile_teeth

Anyway.  We’ve all just been told we’re about to get a major upgrade.  And to be honest, there’ll be a lot of changes that will make your Niteflirt experience a lot easier!  Mine too.  :)   But because these changes are so widespread, they’re going to take a while.  And in the meantime, I won’t be able to use a LOT of the features that I’m used to depending on for the next month or so.

Stuff like my caller lists that I use to keep in touch with you guys, and features that make it easier to get in touch with me like appointments and arranged calls.  Oh, and my availability buttons, like the one up to your left.  (This is probably the biggest change you’ll have to get used to.)  For the time being, they’ll only show me as “Available” or “Away”.  So if I’m taking calls, but I’m already on a call with someone, I won’t show up as “busy”.  And if you want to arrange a call/wait in line to speak to me, the only option you’ll have is to send me an email.

I know, right?  As if I wasn’t hard enough to get a hold of already! *Pouts* It’ll definitely take some getting used to!  Cause even beyond all that, featured listings will be unavailable.  You might not hear my voice greeting on the 800 number if you call to look for me, and you might not be able to find me easily on the Niteflirt website.

See?  This is why I had to bore you with all this stuff!  Very important for you to be able to find me until all the “fixes” are done being implemented!  :)   So in the meantime, this is what you do:

  1. Add me to your favorites on Niteflirt if you haven’t already!  That way you can always see when I’m taking calls.
  2. Bookmark my sites, so you can check back often and keep up with my availability!  My Niteflirt homepage, my main site  KylieCallMe.Com, and my blog KylieCallMe.Com/diary
  3. Of course, once you’ve bookmarked this page, always check here for the pink box at the bottom of the right column, under the heading “What I’m Doing”.  I update my status there several times daily, so you’ll always know what’s up with my schedule.
  4. Last but not least: You should always, ALWAYS feel free to email me on Niteflirt!  If you really can’t find me or you want to set up a time to play or even if you just want to tell me you miss me!  Drop me a line, I generally read all my mail within 24 hours.

See?  Easy.  We’ll see how it works over the course of this week, and if I need to do more to make sure you guys can find me, I certainly will.  And now you know!  :)   But as most of you also know, I’m a pretty hard girl to get a hold of lately. *Sighs* I have a pretty dedicated group of regular callers, I only take calls for a few hours a night, and this little thing called my social life gets in the way a LOT!  Lol…  So I want to apologize and ask you in advance to try and be patient!  I know, it’s not always fun to be patient and wait for phone sex, but I promise I’m worth it!  I’m sure most of you already know that, though… *Smiles*  And don’t worry~everything will be back to normal in the very near future.  :)

Boring stuff over!  That wasn’t so hard, was it?  :)   I had the best intentions of taking calls tonight, but after 3 hours of photo editing and planning my new website (yes, another one!  Lol) and my new Niteflirt listing AND writing here…  I think I need to be done for a while.  I’m going to unchain myself from my desk, make myself a snack, and go veg in front of my awesome new 46” flat panel.  Maybe treat myself to a bubble bath.  Just basically have ME time for the rest of the night~I think I’ve earned it! *Smiles*

I’ll be available and taking calls Monday night after 10pm EST, so look for me!  Pussy boy is already clamoring for my attention so I’ll probably be busy for a large part of the night, but we’ll see.  Hope you had an awesome Labor Day weekend, and I look forward to cumming with you sometime soon! *Blushes*  Bye for now!

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