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NEWS: Niteflirt Downtime Monday Sept.14th

Just when you thought I had told you everything… I have more news for you. Should I call it bad news this time? I guess for most of you it will be, so wait. First, take a good long look at the yummy pic I posted for you below. *Smiles* K, Ready? The bad news is: Starting tomorrow night~Monday, September 14th at 9:30pm EST~NiteFlirt will be transitioning the site and phone services from the current platform to a new one. The whole process should take between 8 and 12 hours, which means we should be back up and running sometime Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, during this time, the NiteFlirt site will be down. So you won’t be able to make or arrange calls either through the site or through 1-800-TO-FLIRT until the transition is complete.

Remember when I said the upgrades are going to make your experience better in the end? That’s true! So 12 hours with no Niteflirt is a very small price to pay. (IMO, of course. :) ) What makes it bad news for you, however (cause if you’re reading here, you’re one of MY callers) is that you’ll have to be without me for even longer than usual. *Pouts* Because by the time the site is back up, My Princess Day will be well under way, so I won’t be available and taking calls again until Wednesday, September 16th.

I know, I know, it’s impossible to find me when everything is normal! So, my apologies, but this time it’s totally out of my control! I just wanted to give you a little heads up so you’ll be aware of what’s going on if you can’t find me. :) And by the time I get back on Wednesday, I should have another pretty, shiny new website to share with you! So look for me then. And miss me lots and lots! Bye for now…

One Response to “NEWS: Niteflirt Downtime Monday Sept.14th”

  1. PussyBoy says:

    Perhaps I need a day or two break from my unrelenting humiliations. I recently lost a big-bet with Kylie. And now it’s time to pay up…OMG…I’m getting scared. But I can’t get out of it….I HAVE to face the music!! It’s going to be mortifying! I wonder if one can die from humiliation?

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