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More NEWS: Niteflirt still down :(

You may or may not know this by now, but just in case: You should know that the scheduled downtime has lasted WAY longer than anyone intended! If you’ve tried to visit Niteflirt, you’ve seen the “away” message instead of the site as usual. And if you’ve dialed the 800 number… Actually, I haven’t dialed it in a few days, so I”m not sure what you’re hearing! Lol… But the last time I checked, it was inoperational. *Frowns* I know, totally frustrating, like I said before, as if it wasn’t hard enough to get ahold of me already! And to make matters worse, we’ve just been told that Niteflirt will continue to be down for the next WEEK. Yep, you heard me right, a whole WEEK without yummy phone sex with me or anyone else on Niteflirt. :(

Now. There is a beta site up and running in the inetrim, but it’s super glitchy, some stuff isn’t working at all, it’s kind of difficult to navigate… We’ve been told that we can take calls on it if we want to, but there’s so much confusion, I haven’t felt it was worth my frustration, so I haven’t been available.

The silver lining: We’ve also been told that we’re totally allowed to post alternate call methods on our personal websites until the site is back up and running. And, lucky boys that you are, yours truly has been in the process of setting up just such an option since May. I haven’t devoted a lot of time to it, because I wasn’t prepared to launch it until I was totally ready, AND I’m still having the website built (it’s not done yet.) But since it’s going to be a looong week without making my tight lil pussy cum with you, *blushes*, I’ve decided to go ahead and make that line available for you in the meantime.

Some things you should know: This blog is linked to my Niteflirt pages, so as soon as the site comes back up, I’ll be taking the alternate phone number down off this site forever! So when I post the number and the call button tomorrow, you’d better write it down or save it somewhere if you want to continue to reach me there. It will eventually have it’s own website, KyliesBedroom.Com, but that’s not quite ready yet. So as I said-write this stuff down if you think you’ll need it later! Also, the pricing will be a bit different (not much! Just a bit.) And it may definitely take some getting used to! But I figure as long as you’ll be able to call and play with me, it’ll be no big deal. :)

I’ll be posting that number for you tomorrow, I still have some tiny things to do to get it all ready to take calls! But I should have it finished by tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll be available after 10 or 11pm EST just like usual. So make sure you check back tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to playing with you, it’s been way too long! *Giggles*

And what have I been up to over this past week? Well, teasing my sweet pussy boy, as usual… He’s been misbehaving so not as much as he’d like! But still, it’s been entertaining. My best friend just moved back from California this week, so I”ve been going out with him and his BF a LOT. Shopping (of course! Lol), going out to dinner, partying at the gay bar a few times, and playing with my hair and makeup. I swear, I travel with a gay entourage lately! 2 hairstylists, a massage therapist, and a dance instructor, lol… LOTS of fun though, even though I’ve needed LOTS more sleep to recover from all the late nights! OH, and working on my new websites, and my new Niteflirt listing… I’m changing them around a little in the coming future, so hopefully I can get back in there and finish them up soon.

I guess that’s about it! I’ll be back to post my new phone number tomorrow. It’s pretty late now and I want to finish up some more web chores before I go to bed. I hope you’ve had an awesome week so far- It can only get better when you have a way to reach me again, right? :) Bye for now!

One Response to “More NEWS: Niteflirt still down :(”

  1. PussyBoy says:

    Silly Niteflirt people! They can’t even get their own site running! Maybe they need the proper motivation? Due to my own ineptitudes, it’s been 21 days in chastity for me now…perhaps if the tech-engineers were threatened with such a punishment…they’d work a little harder? Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

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