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Pleasantly surprised….

So. As you should probably know by now, cause I’ve mentioned it several times, lol… For the last month or so, I haven’t been available and taking calls on Niteflirt. I didn’t want to deal with all the problems, I had heard so many crazy stories about the technical issues, I just didn’t want to put myself (or you) in the position to deal with a lot of headache. And since I’ve been taking calls on my new private line, there just wasn’t really much of a need for me to.

But last night, I guess it was about Midnight, I decided to login just to see what would happen. Suprisingly, my phone rang the instant I logged on! I was a little apprehensive, because calls from Beta Niteflirt won’t tell me what listing is being called so I felt kinda naked, you know? Like I was totally flying blind. Anyway, answered the phone, it was my old favorite FS (YAY! I missed him!) and we talked and played for a little over an hour. He was able to add funds over the phone, his account was charged correctly, the call didn’t disconnect, everything was absolutely perfect! And afterwards, I just sat in shock for a minute because I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to test out the new system!

So yeah~I’m very pleasantly surprised to find out that Beta Niteflirt really isn’t all that bad! And because I stayed up and kept taking calls with no issues till Pussy Boy needed me at around 5am, I’ve decided that I’m going to make myself available on Niteflirt more often. I still can’t promise that I’ll be on at my scheduled times~if you want to find me guranteed, it’s best to call my Private Line for now. And I can’t promise that you’ll be able to find me on the Niteflirt site unless you’ve got me on your favorites list. And I definitely can’t promise that your favorites list will work via the phone system~cause that’s still all crazy wonky weird. :( But for the most part, things are *kinda* back to normal! Who knew? *Giggles*

For the time being, it’s still probably best to either A: Reach me on my private line or B: drop me an email at kylie [@] (without the brackets!) if you’d like to set up a call. I can’t always be available right away, but I’ll do my best to get back to you asap so we can play. :)

What else have I been up to… Well, my best friends are back from CA as I mentioned below, but it’s been completely crazy! A few days after they got back, they got hit by a bus and their car got totaled. (Yes, literally! Hit by a bus!) So I’ve been chauffeur and nursemaid and companion for the last week or so. We all know how spoiled I can be, lol, so I’m pretty surprised that I haven’t been too bothered about all of it, but so far I haven’t, so we’ll see how it goes!

Of course, lots of yummy phone sex calls with Pussy Boy (more on him in another post) and my sweetheart Gun. And lots of new guys on my Private Line, which is WAY fun for me! I really love the variety, and while I do love being semi exclusive to a few guys the way it’s been for the last year or so~it’s kinda nice to mix it up a little bit. I’ve also been working on my demo for voice overs, so that’s been fun. *Grins*

Also, I’ve been working on my million and one new web projects! Lol… My new Niteflirt listing is done, I’ll be posting that in a week or two once I know my listings can be seen on the Niteflirt site again. But I’m also almost finished with the redesign of my Call Me Cuties site, and my brand new “main” site, KyliesBedroom.Com. I’ve never had this many projects going all at once before, so it’s definitely been stressful~but LOTS of fun, too! Again, make sure you write down or save the link to my new site, because once Niteflirt is completely up and running, I’ll have to remove the links and the phone number.

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be taking calls on my Private Line today, most likely by 5pm EST. And tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be available on my Private Line and on Niteflirt! Hopefully you’ll find some time to call and cum with me… It’s been forever since I’ve played with most of you~we have to fix that, don’t you think? *Smiles* So look for me, and give me a call! If you don’t catch me today or tomorrow, I wont be back till Monday after 10pm EST.


Well, aren’t you? Curious as to where I’ve been, I mean…? Well, contrary to popular belief, I have been around and taking calls! :) I just haven’t been available for “public consumption”, so to speak, and I’ll explain. I posted the contact info below, because in the beginning of all the Niteflirt issues, I thought it would be best to set up an alternate way for you to get ahold of me. But then a few unexpected things happened!

  1. The Niteflirt issues lasted much longer than I (or you, I’m sure!) ever expected. I was devoting a lot of time and energy to new Niteflirt listings, and a couple of new Niteflirt based websites. As you probably know by now, I’m a super perfectionist when it comes to my web projects! So when I found out that all that work was basically for nothing~at least for the time being~I got kinda down about it all and took a step back. Which meant my usually difficult schedule became pretty much impossible! Lol…
  2. Because I’m always in contact with my very favorite guys (you know who you are! *giggles*), they were very aware of how to find me, AND aware that they wouldn’t have to fight for my time like usual! So my few hours of availability every night were completely monopolized by Pussy Boy, Gun, and a few others. Which is a good thing! *Smiles* But it also meant I wasn’t able to be available for anyone else.
  3. My best friends moved back from California, and they’re not starting their new jobs till next week so they have lots of free time. And I hadn’t seen them in almost 5 years! So I’ve been partying like every other night, shopping almost every day (lol), and sleeping till the afternoon hours to catch up on my Princess Rest. :)
  4. Lastly, while building my new “main” website, I decided not to keep using the contact info that used to be posted below. There are lots of boring reasons for this that I won’t get into, but the main reason is just that I found something that I like (and you’ll like) much better. My new (and permanent!) number can be found by surfing to my new domain, and I’m super excited about it! If you want to play with me, just surf to the site and dial my new number. Now don’t worry! My original plan of continuing on Niteflirt when it comes back up hasn’t changed! I’m just going to be adding another line, and another website, and…changing the way I do things a little. And as promised, I’ll tell you about the new website when it’s all done. :)

So. That’s where I’ve been. I wanted to make sure that when I posted here again, I could give you my new info and not confuse it all even further! Lol… But I figured that some of you may be curious in the meantime, so there you go. :) A couple last things you should know: First, the Niteflirt call button you see above is NOT reliable! It says I’m available all the time, but I can assure you that until the Niteflirt issues are resolved (the most recent date for this is October 1st), I will NOT be taking calls on Niteflirt. Period. If and when I am, I’ll post here OR down in the pink box to your right. I still update that several times daily, so you can always come back and check to see what’s going on with me. :) Second, the contact information in the “Private line” box up to your right is the ONLY way to reach me until Niteflirt comes back up! And even then, the new number will be my MAIN point of contact! So write it down, keep the number, get used to finding me there instead! *Smiles*

Ummm… I guess that’s it! Just another lil update in case you were missing me or of course, if you were curious. :) I’m going to close this now so I can get back to my brand new cozy sheets (TY pussy boy!), my fabulous Sleep Number bed, and this last episode of “Life on Mars” that I’m watching before bed (the BBC version, of course!) And in case you wanted a visual…nearly nude. Nothing but my adorable new white VS cheeksters. :) And maybe my hitachi magic wand before I fall asleep? *Blushes* We’ll see.

I apologize again for all the confusion, and I promise I’ll post more about it soon! So give me a call on my new number! I’ll be adding an availabilty button in the next few days, so you’ll be able to find me regularly again very soon…