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Moving on… (The End of an Era, lol)

It’s probably pretty silly for me to have waited so long to offcially say this, because if you’ve been reading this blog for as long as I’ve been writing it, lol… You’ve probably checked back often and been disappointed with the lack of attention and the infrequency of my posts. When Niteflirt went down at the end of last year, I pretty quickly transitioned to a new website,, and a new billing platform. The original plan was to keep doing my thing on Niteflirt, wait out the technical bugs and issues, but start building a new thing on the side. I always thought that within a few weeks, Niteflirt would be back up and running like it always had, and that even though I wanted to make a move… I’d get too busy with calls and my zillion and one web projects to devote any time and energy to it. Unfortunately~or fortunately, depending on how you look at it! *Smiles* Things didn’t exactly happen as I expected.

So, for the last several months, I’ve been doing 99% of my calls at my new site and my new phone number, 1 888 70 KYLIE. I was still keeping things seperate-even though you see the name of my new site up to your right, I didn’t explicitly link to the site because this site was still linked from Niteflirt. (Actually linking to a site that offers different payment options is against Niteflirt rules.) And I didn’t change any of the information offered on this site, because I fully intended to be back on Niteflirt as usual.

But a few things have changed for me. First, my new site has been working out insanely well for me! My schedule has always been limited, and my small group of devoted regulars are pretty happy about being able to monopolize most of my time! So unlike the past, where I used to log on and just be available and taking calls from everyone… These days, I do 95% of my calls by appointment only. I’m very busy, very elusive, and most of my time is scheduled a few days to a week in advance. I like to think of myself as a “phone courtesan”, if you will. *Smiles* But I digress. A couple of weeks ago, I got to thinking… I spent 5 years working really hard to build this site into what is today! So now I’m just going to let it sit fallow and neglected, when I know that I don’t have the time or inclination to login for Niteflirt calls anymore? I know. Seemed kind of silly to me, too. :)

And finally last night, I realized that it’s silly for me to keep waiting. So, today is the day. I’m finally just going to say it. This will be my last post on this blog. And, unless I really have some free time (or I’m just super horny! *Laughs*) I won’t be taking calls on Niteflirt anymore. And even now that I’ve said it, it still feels so strange! Honestly, like “the end of an era”, like my title up above! Like Niteflirt was a warm and fuzzy security blanket that I’m hesitant to leave behind even though I know I’ve grown out of it. *Laughs* Still, it’s just time.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that if you want to read my posts from this point forward, you’ll have to find me over at Not that I’ve been the best at maintaining that blog, either! Lol… But I think, without the added pressure and guilt of this blog on my shoulders, I’ll be a lot more attentive! Anyway, so yeah. I’ll be updating the big button up to your right so that it actually links to my new site! So you can just click and find me easily. I’ll be adding my new call buttons to the main pages of, so you’ll be able to call me or schedule an appointment to play with me, as the case may be. And of course, I’ll no longer be linking here from my pages on Niteflirt.

Of course, I’ll still be promoting my Niteflirt niche sites! Barely Legal Phone, Phone Sex Girlfriends, and Call Me Cuties. I still think Niteflirt is an awesome place to find phone sex, and all of those sites have awesome choices for you to choose from! And of course, you still get 3 free minutes on Niteflirt of you’re a first time caller. :) Just if you want to find ME in the future, you need to find me at :)

So if you find a moment~or, if you just totally miss me and you’ve been waiting to find out how to get ahold of me again~come over and check out my new site! I’d still love to have super yummy barely legal GFE phone sex with you! (Like the button up to your right says: Brand New Site-Same Amazing Girl! Lol…)