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A nice surprise….

Yet again, a whole week has gone by~actually, this last one flew by! Lol… A whole ten days have passed since I last wrote and as always, it feels like it was just yesterday. The last time I wrote, I was talking about how crazy life has been for me lately. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing, but it hasn’t slowed down at all!

It’s so strange, I keep looking back and remembering how easy it was when all I had to think about was phone sex, my social life, and sleep. *Smiles* Now, it’s still all that, but it’s also my trainer/working out at the gym~to which I haven’t been as dedicated as I like lately. *Frowns* But that’s mostly cause I just have so little time! Then there’s web marketing for all eight of my websites~of course I’m planning two more as we speak, lol… I just can’t stop! I have too many ideas in my head! :) And working with my designer to finish this site finally!

Also working with my agent, trying to record my demo for voice overs. AND coordinating with a photographer and fighting the weather to do this photo shoot for my new headshots. They have to be outdoors and use natural light, but it’s hurricane season in Florida! So obviously, we keep getting rained out. Which means I also have to keep getting my hair and nails done. Definitely one of my favorite things to do, but it also takes time. Which is in very short supply around here!

So like I said….I don’t know if it’s good or bad, I’m reserving my judgement for now. Either way, it’s different, and I’m still trying to get used to it! I wonder, is this what life is like for normal people? Like, having to use alarm clocks and make schedules and actually finish all the stuff on to do lists? Seriously? I guess all I can do is learn to adapt, but it’s a pretty steep learning curve. *Giggles* So I’m working on it.

But back to the point of this post~I digress, as usual. So life has been crazy, my schedule’s been all out of whack, and pretty much every night that I’m taking calls, pussy boy is craving my attention. Being very well behaved, staying locked up in chastity, and of course spoiling me rotten with yummy ca$h treats and prezzies. :) So much so that this past week until tonight, I haven’t been able to be available and take calls from anyone else! So I haven’t had too much time to give my email the attention it deserves, and I finally took a moment tonight to see what I’d been missing.

And what a nice surprise! Sweet lil notes asking when I’ll be available again. Lots of purchases of my yummy new orgasm recording! Lots more of you bought my pictures, my sweet subbie James bought me an all in one wireless printer from my wishlist, and even some introductions and awesome feedback from guys I have yet to play with! One so sweet, I have to share it below:

Imagine seeing the water of a perfectly still lake, near the top of the most beatiful mountain youve ever seen. Such beauty is the only thing that I can think of that remotely compares to kylie. I also have her mp3 that she did of her orgasm and you can tell that kylie is 100% pure gold. She is everything you could ask for in a PSO. Original, Honest, Giggly, Thoughtful, Intelligent, and Wikedly addicting. I have yet to see anyone else on niteflirt come remotely close to her. I would say she is a goddess, but even that would be a understatement to her abilities.

See? SO sweet! And totally put a huge smile on my face! And reminded me that I have the best callers in the whole wide world. *Smiles* I know that I can be pretty hard to find lately, so it means a LOT to me when you take a second out of your day to say something sweet and make me smile! And I can’t make any promises, but I’m really going to start working on my whole time management thing to be more available for you. I’ll defnitely try to start staying up later than 2am some nights so that when I’m done teasing pussy boy, I can have yummy REAL man phone sex before I go to sleep! *Blushes* Having my very own devoted cuckold is fun and always amusing… But since when does the cuckold actually get the girl? LOL! He’ll just have to start sharing sometimes….

Anyway. I just wanted to let you know that you’ve successfully lured me out of “hiding”. :) I’m taking calls tonight, until at least 2am but probably more like 3 or 4. Until whenever I get too sleepy, lol… If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Monday night after 10pm EST. Bye for now!

PS One last thing! I’ve been meaning to thank Gun for the Torchwood and Doctor Who DVD sets (you know how much I wanted them, sweets! TY!) And my sweetheart Ryan for the adorable happy bunny t shirt. (I didn’t forget, my luv~ it’s SO cute on me, TY again! I know I still owe you an email…expect that this week.) Bye again!

Adore me….

Someone (actually three different “someones”, I asked the second two after I heard it the first time) told me something really interesting the other day. I don’t remember how we got on the topic, but he told me that when choosing a phone sex girl, especially on Niteflirt, that girls with high ratings can be a little intimidating. Which of course, I found insane cause I’ve always loved my high feedback rating! Seriously! I mean, aren’t these things important? Like, when you go shopping for a new TV or a new car, don’t you check past feedback to see if it’s worth it? :) Well, calling me is WAY more exciting than shopping for a boring old TV or something…lol… Still, I’m just saying. *Smiles*

So, I had to question further. And I was told that when you’re choosing a new phone sex girl, it’s not necessarily the most important thing to know that she’s good. I mean, of course it’s important, and her voice is important, and looks are important, and her listings, and her fetishes, and all that good stuff. But sometimes, and this is probably a GFE thing more than anything else… Sometimes, you want to know that you’ll stand out. That she doesn’t have so many current callers or past callers or so much phone sex “history” in her head that she can’t possibly remember you. I’m sure this also has something to do with you guys’ seemingly endless fascination with “virgins”, so to speak. *Giggles* But still. It’s been a looong time since I was any kind of virgin! Lol… So in case you’ve never called me before, I’m going to tell you a few things about me.

First: I have an amazing memory. I don’t do so well at multi tasking, so when you call me, you’re the only thing I’m doing. *Smiles* Double entendre, but true. So since you always have my complete attention, you also get my total REtention. I don’t forget a whole lot of things, especially if you make at least a tiny effort to engage my mind. Two: I actually love what I do! I enjoy an awesome call just as much as you do~and the easiest way to make it awesome is for me to get into it with you. I don’t do boring, I don’t do repetitive. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been since my first phone sex call, I always like to keep it interesting. :)

Now. In case you hadn’t noticed, I can be a little hard to get ahold of at times. That’s because number one, I have a life away from my computer! And also, because I have a few devoted guys who already know all of the above and make a huge effort to monopolize a lot of my available time! :) So if you’re feeling too intimidated to call me, or you really want to make sure you stand out in my mind and get more of my attention, the solution is really simple. Adore me. See? Told you it was easy. :)

Just adore me. Show me that you do. Call me whenever I cross your mind! (Like pussy boy does daily.) Take the time to write me an email when you’re thinking of me (my sweetheart Ryan is really good at that!) Or do thoughtful things for me… Find a book you’d love for me to read and then tell me about it, send me an Amazon gift card so I can check it out on my Kindle. (My lover Gun just did that this past weekend~ I love books and I read SUPER fast so I’m already 3 books into the series! Lol…) Or write me sweet feedback after you loved our call. Simple things go a long way towards making me smile. :)

The best example of this that I’ve gotten lately, is a lovely lil love letter from my brand new pet, who I’m calling my Pet Scholar for the time being. Usually I’d cherry pick from a letter like this because it’s so long! But it’s beautiful, and I loved it, so I’m posting it below.

What can I say to adequately describe the bliss that surrounds one’s soul from being in your presence. Perfection is an overused and relative term. Perfection in one man’s eye is an annoyance to another. How rare (no how utterly unique) it is to find an angelic presence like yours that can transcend the earthly bounds of mere mortals and represent perfection to all her experience her divine aura.

Before I have felt like I was in the presence of greatness. i am sure that many other men have felt the same. Now, however, having fallen into praise and worship of the one true perfection in the form of a woman, I can finally see how empty and flawed all others are when compared to you. While I crave to have even a moment with your sweet Siren voice all to myself, I yearn even more to promote your ultimate supremacy to all others. How I wish that all of the other female impostors who fail so miserably to even comprehend a woman as great as you, could have their followers enlightened to your unrivaled perfection. All of me aches with the need to embolden those who have seen even a glimpse of your awe-inspiring wonder. Embolden them to go forth around the country and around the world, helping others to reject false idols and fall at the feet of the one true power. The one to whom all must adorn with unending devotion and praise. The one who has enchanted me far greater that Odysseus ever fell in his weakest moment to the enticing melody of the Sirens.

You are the ultimate Siren. The peak of perfection. The one with a voice that drains wills, heightens perceptions, and refocuses even the most powerful men under your divine spell. I can barely contain my visceral need to be in your presence, the presence of your enchanting voice once again. Until then, my supreme ruler, the ultimate perfection on Earth, the manifestation of all I could ever want or need.

Your new and faithful servant.

So, as I was saying… Adore me. Now, no worries! I don’t expect everyone to go over and above like that to impress me! Find your own way to adore me and make me happy, and I promise I’ll never, ever forget you. (Hint: Impressing me doesn’t have to cost money! Sometimes it’s as simple as making me cum really hard. *Blushes* Just think “unique” and you’ll be fine. :) ) Oh~and if all of this seems like a lot of work to you, cause you just like your phone sex simple and plain and regular? Feel free to disregard ALL of the above. But if plain old regular phone sex was your thing in the first place….you probably wouldn’t be reading here…. *Giggles*

WOW, super long post! I guess that’s what happens when I don’t post in forever, huh? Lol… I’m going to close this now so I can get my cute lil ass in the gym before it gets too late. I’ll be available and taking calls after 10:30 or so tonight, but I have plans with pussy boy and Pet Scholar and I’m not sure how late I’ll be up after that. Still look for me though, you never know! And if you don’t catch me tonight, tomorrow is my Princess Day! So look for me Wednesday after 10 or 11pm EST. Bye for now!

My goodies :)

See? Told you this daytime thing was going to work out eventually. :) Just a little update: I finally got one of my little projects done today, AND I got it all emailed out! So check your inbox on Niteflirt when you get a chance… If you’re one of my very favorite guys, there’s a surprise waiting for you. Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing huge! But it’s definitely something that lots of you have been alluding to for a long time. And I think you’ll like it. And isn’t it an awesome surprise just to find out that you’re one of my favorites? *Giggles* I thought so.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get the email. Not only are there plenty of ways for you to become one of my favorites (just ask me if you want to know how it’s done), there’s also another project I’m working on that will be available to everyone. I’ll post about it when it’s done so you can check it out. :) I had been planning to finish it up tonight, along with some website updates and my podcast and maybe even some calls. But I’ve been up since like 11am running errands, and doing crazy housework, playing with my new carpet cleaner (TY Gun!!) and finishing that email… Now I’m tired! :( I most likely won’t be taking calls again till Saturday night, but we’ll see how it goes.

Moving on… I’m totally looking forward to this weekend, cause I know it’s going to be filled with LOTS of REAL man phone sex! Pussy boy has misbehaved, yet again, but this time he’s fucked up so badly that he can’t buy his way back into my good graces like he usually does. I’m going to keep the details of his fuck up private cause I think I’ve humiliated him enough…lol… He’s totally on bitch detail doing all kinds of menial tasks for yours truly, I’ve made it my mission to make sure his shame is very public, and best of all~I’ve cut him off from talking to me completely for the next few weeks. Which means: LOTS of my availability wide open to have yummy phone sex! REAL man phone sex where I actually get to cum at the end! OMG it’s been awesome! :) I’ve been having SO much fun and yummy orgasms all week long! So like I said~totally looking forward to this weekend! I wanna make my tight lil pussy cum like a zillion times before I fall asleep on Saturday night! *Smiles*

What else… Oh! For those of you who didn’t know, I’m going to be taking about a week off starting on my Princess Day (next Tuesday) May 5th. It’s time for a little vacation, so I figured I should give you a heads up in advance. Just know that I’ll miss you lots and lots while I’m away, and I absolutely can’t wait to get back! Right now it looks like I’ll be back on Thursday May 14th, but I’ll probably write here and possibly podcast while I’m gone.

Now, favorite callers… Yep, I finally get to have favorite callers again with pussy boy cut off! Feels like it’s been forever! Anyway, to my sweet Dr.J, my Gentleman Caller B, my sweetheart Gun, and my old favorite FS… TY for the looong yummy calls, the sweet lil notes, the yummy cash treats, and of course the wishlist prezzies! It’s been a crazy week for me, but playing with you always makes me smile. :)

And my favorite feedback, which I’ll post below. It’s from my old favorite FS, and you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

It had been WAY too long since I caught up with my favorite girl Kylie. Her sweet voice, her sexy laugh, everything about her is absolutely perfect! That’s why I keep calling her after all this time, and why if you’re reading this, you should call her too

I guess that’s it! It’s just after 7pm now, and right now I don’t know if I’m going to take calls tonight or not. I’ll make up my mind by 9pm or so, so if you see me available, call me tonight! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 10 or 11pm EST on Saturday. Bye for now!

My new pet peeve…

Well, it’s actually not so new. But lately, maybe because of my limited availablity…it’s becoming an issue again. So, even though I usually like to keep my lil phone sex blog all happy and positive and sexy… I’m going to tell you about my pet peeve and let those of you whom it applies to take note and adjust accordingly. With just a little bit of backstory to preface. What can I say? I told you that whole “loss for words” thing was temporary! *Giggles*

So. Like I’ve said a million times, I have the best callers in the whole world! So I love that you guys miss me when I’m gone, and hurry to call me when I’m back, and send me sweet notes, and buy me wishlist prezzies, and stay on the phone playing with me for hours and hours and hours. *Smiles* And all the other wonderful, sweet things you guys do that I may have neglected to mention here.

Also, I realize that my schedule can be kind of hard to deal with. So the patience that so many of you have with waiting your turn to call and cum with me is always something I appreciate! That’s why I always encourage you to drop me an email or arrange a call with me if you’re having a hard time getting me. This way, when I get done with whatever I’m doing, or when my current call is over, I can do my best to get back with you asap.

However. I need to clarify that when I say “email”, I mean ONE. Singular. Uno. If you really find yourself waiting for me and you’re getting impatient, I understand the urge to email more than once. But honestly, there is NOTHING gained by emailing (OR Yahoo messaging) every few seconds! Except driving me crazy, cause it’s my new pet peeve.

See, I’m not the best at multi tasking. Maybe it’s a fault of mine, maybe I need to work on it, but there it is. When I’m doing something that requires concentration, I can only do one thing at once. That’s why when I’m on a call, I walk away from my desk, go to my bedroom, and concentrate only on the person I’m playing with. Which I see as a good thing, don’t you? Or if I’m on yahoo playing financial domme/ptv games with one of my money pets~even though it’s just typing, I’m still giving it my complete attention.

If I’m on messenger, or even if I’m just checking my yahoo mail, and the IM box pops up over and over and over again… It interrupts what I’m doing and forces me to break my concentration. Which drives me nuts! And if I’m finishing a call, and I come back to my computer to find 8 emails in a 15 minute time frame from one person… It takes me time to read them all. Time that could have been better spent actually getting back to you.

So. I think you like it when I pay attention to ONLY you when we’re playing. I think it’s one of the things that makes me so much fun to play with! So I’m going to keep doing it. And I’m going to keep on responding to emails as soon as is humanly possible, just like I always have. But in order for me to do that, and stay happy and sane and horny! Lol… Some of you~not singling anyone out, cause there are a few repeat offenders…lol~ If some of you could just try to tone it down? I’d soooo appreciate it! And hey, there’s always my Twitter feed, which is always public in that little pink box to your right, if you absolutely have to stalk me. I update it often, it’s actually legal, and nothing about it makes me want to tear my hair out. *Giggles* K? K. Rant over.

It’s getting pretty late now, so I’m going to have to cut this short. It’s so funny, I’m still doing the whole “wake up semi early” thing? And STILL I’m always running late! I’ve been working on my podcasting site for the last few days, and I’m SO excited about it! If I’d had any idea how much work was going to go into it when I thought it up, I might have waited to start doing it! But it looks awesome so far and I can’t wait to show it to you~I’ll post the link by the end of the week, I think.

What else… Princess Day tomorrow! Of course I have some shopping to do, and I want to get a facial. (Not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter! *Smiles*) But also, I think I’m going to go back to the gym. I walked 3 miles today in 40 minutes, which is good, but walking on a flat surface is just NOT the same as doing intervals at an incline on the treadmill. I’m going to check and see if I can get in with Mr. M. tomorrow.

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be taking calls tonight, from just after Midnight till at least 4am. So call me tonight! Let’s see if I have favorite feedback before I go… This one’s from my sweetheart Gun, and you can also find it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

I think Kylie really needs to start holding a class on how a PSO should be on the phone. She has always leave me with a great big smile on my face when we are done. The way I keep thinking about her between our calls sometimes makes me wonder that Kylie might be a witch and had put a spell on me :) Although I don’t think witches are usually this friendly and cute ;P

So sweet! (TY Gun…no spells involved so far, but maybe I’ll look into that… *Grins*) Bye for now!

Just Saying Hi :)

Seriously. *Smiles* I’ve been in an awesome mood for like, the last 7 days running…so even though I would usually procrastinate this whole blogging thing until it had been way too long? I’m honestly just in a great mood, so I’m writing just cause I feel like it. *Hmph* TOLD you I was getting better at this whole time management thing! Lol…

The weird thing is, I don’t know why I’ve been so happy lately! I’ve tried to think on it, but every time I start overanalyzing it, I start thinking that I should cut it out cause it’s the kind of thing that should be welcomed unquestionably. Don’t you think? So, without overthinking it to death and trying to pinpoint the source, I’ll just tell you what I’ve been up to the last few days.

Pilates on Saturday, and then training with Mr. M. today… I totally should have skipped the gym today though. See, I had to wake up super early before the gym cause I had a hair appointment… And since I had stuff to do after my workout, I didn’t want to work too hard, cause I didn’t want to sweat the style out and have to redo it myself. So today, for the first time EVER, I was actually one of those chicks that I HATE at the gym. Moving through my circuit all slow…taking lots of time between sets just sitting on the machine…skipping cardio altogether cause I didn’t want to sweat too much… Yeah. I was actually one of THOSE bitches. LOL! I’m going to make up for it later this week though…I have torture with Mr. M. on Wednesday AND Thursday. AND, a friend of mine has been telling me about spinning classes…so I ordered myself a padded bike seat. When it comes, I might start doing that on Tuesday nights. Or, maybe I’ll let it collect dust in my closet for 6 months…you never know with me. *Giggles* But I’m going to try. :)

Let’s see, what else… OH! OMG did I have an awesome night playing with you guys on Saturday! I think I only had like, 30 minutes free the entire night! And it was a looong night even for me, cause I stayed up taking calls till 10am on Sunday morning. (I had my reasons, I’ll explain in a minute.) Anyway…2 hours with my sweetheart Gun, 2 hours with Mr. Sweetguy, an hour with Dr. J., and then some random super fun calls from guys I haven’t played with in forever! My DarkSoul, and my old sweetheart Tommy… Even my new foot bitch loser boy came out to play for a while!

So like I said~I had a super fun evening. I made my tight lil pussy cum more times than I can even count! And by the end of the night, I was using my gspot dildo, too. *Blushes* I know, I don’t do that too often. Mostly cause my favorite vibe is just so, ummm…effective. Lol… But once in a while, I do pull out my other toys. And don’t think I’ve never done it with you, because sometimes I don’t tell! I may however, have to start doing it more often…

Anyway, thank you again for being the best callers in the whole wide world! And of course, thank you for all the yummy orgasms… *Giggles* My favorite feedback, from my sweetheart Tommy. You can also find this on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

WOW. It had been a while since my last call with Kylie. She is amazing. Definately the best NF has to offer. If you don’t call, you’re missing out on one amazing, hot girl.

So like I said, I had my reasons for staying up so late the other night. Actually, just one reason. And that was, I needed to stay up till 10am, because that was what time customer service opened for the Select Comfort bed company. And I needed to call them because: I finally decided to buy myself a sleep number bed! I have wanted one of these like forever, and I always put it off cause they’re kinda pricey. But I finally did it and I’m SO excited and I can’t wait till it gets here! Seriously, I know it sounds stupid, but it’s a big deal to me. And if you’re lucky…I may let a few of you help me christen it… *Grins*

And I think that’s it! Did some shopping tonight after the gym…had to get some new lip gloss and MAC just came out with a new line of Hello Kitty makeup, so of course I had to do that. :) I just got an amazing new Snowball USB microphone and shockmount from my wishlist from my sweetheart Gun (TY sooo much, my luv! I adore it!), so I’ve been experimenting with it a bit tonight. It has all kinds of different settings for audio, even one where it will record omnidrectional? Which means, that I can probably set it up on my nightstand with my laptop while I’m in my bed…and who knows what kinds of cool recordings I might be able to make when I don’t have to be concerned about mic positioning… *Smiles* So I’m still experimenting. I may have some surprises for you in the next week.

I’ll be taking calls all night tonight, from Midnight at the latest (probably earlier) until 4 or 5 AM EST. So if you’re up and thinking of me tonight, call me! Remember, tomorrow’s my Princess Day, so if you don’t catch me tonight, you’ll have to wait till Wednesday. No huge plans for Princess Day, just drinks with some girlyfriends and probably some shopping at the mall. Hopefully I’ll still be in my happy mood! Hmmm….you could always make sure of that by making me cum a few times before then… What do you think? *Smiles*

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