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I’m baaaack….

Coming soon, boys… Check back for a new (full) post within the next few days. Did you miss me? :)

The BEST kind of orgasm…

I know, I’d usually start with something simple~like what I’ve been up to or a little hello. But I guess I’m just feeling a little forward tonight! Well, that, and I’ve pretty much had cumming on the brain for the last…oh…week or so! *Laughs* I don’t know, there was like a two week period where I barely came at all (yes, I know! That’s unheard of for me.) Just because I was mostly monopolized by my Pussy Boy…and being the cuckold that he is, he has to earn the privilege of my orgasms! Lol… But also, I was just sleepy when I’d log off at 4 or 5am, and for some reason cumming with my Hitachi magic wand kinda wakes me up? Hence, the long abstinence. *Blushes*

But this past Friday, I was uncharacteristically available and taking calls, and the moment I logged on, one of my old favorites called me. Of course, we talked for a good long time~maybe an hour and a half~just about normal every day stuff. But eventually, the waiting was killing me so I had to get out my vibe. And it started out totally normal! Sexy normal, but nothing we hadn’t done before, you know? And all of a sudden, like maybe 3 minutes in, I just felt this crazy amazing orgasm bubbling to the surface! (I usually don’t like to cum that fast~sometimes if I cum really hard once, it’s hard for me to do it again immediately.) But I couldn’t stop it, so I went with it, and it was definitely amazing!

And then, it happened again. And again! *Blushes* You know, those insane type of orgasms where you’re curling your toes and like, arching your back and it’s just rolling over you and you lose sense of time? Just like that! Three times! And afterward, I was left a quivering mass of like, nothingness. Blissful nothingness. Like I said~it was the BEST kind of orgasm! And then I got to thinking….

  1. That kind of orgasm could not have been achieved with just normal phone sex! The anticipation and the mind play is something that only happens with GFE phone sex, which of course, has always been my very favorite. :)
  2. Maybe (just maybe) there is some wisdom in the idea of not getting off every day. Multiple times. Like I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. *Blushes* I’m not saying I’m going to make a regular habit of waiting… But once in a while? Could be cool. MAYBE. Lol…

So….I want to say a HUGE thank you to the super sweet guy who spent last Friday night with me! And as always, if anyone else reading can find some time to call and make me cum like that? Please do!! *Smiles*

My Niteflirt schedule is still pretty sporadic, but I promise, I’m still around! You can always email me on Niteflirt to make an appointment with me, or check out my Twitter feed to see when I’ll be available. I know that lots of you don’t particularly like the idea of “scheduling” phone sex… But I’m always so super busy lately, that if you want to play with me, it’s usually the best way. And I miss playing with LOTS of you, so you should totally drop me a line!

I guess that’s it for now. I may be available and taking calls on Niteflirt on Friday night (1/22) for a few hours, so look for me then and call me if you see me available! If you miss me on Friday, definitely look for me next week. Bye for now!

PS Also, TY to Gun and Pussy Boy for all the amazing wishlist birthday prezzies!! (Yes, my Birthday was January 4th~I’m another whole year older now! Lol…) Bye again!

Cumming With Porn?

Yes, I’ve finally made another podcast! *Smiles* I know, it takes me forever to get these projects done sometimes, but you’d actually be surprised at how productive I’ve been this week! Anyway, this is technically a podcast for my new erotic audio site, The Phone Sex Radio, but I’m guessing you guys don’t always know to check there. So I’m adding it here as well. :) In the future though, you should bookmark the new site and check back there often! I won’t always be double posting, cause it takes double the time. And as most of you know, time is something I don’t have too much of lately….lol….

So take a listen! I’ll be taking calls after 10pm EST tonight, but I have a “date” with pussy boy arranged, so you may not be able to get through for a few hours. Still, look for me and call me if you see me available! Bye for now!

A nice surprise….

Yet again, a whole week has gone by~actually, this last one flew by! Lol… A whole ten days have passed since I last wrote and as always, it feels like it was just yesterday. The last time I wrote, I was talking about how crazy life has been for me lately. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing, but it hasn’t slowed down at all!

It’s so strange, I keep looking back and remembering how easy it was when all I had to think about was phone sex, my social life, and sleep. *Smiles* Now, it’s still all that, but it’s also my trainer/working out at the gym~to which I haven’t been as dedicated as I like lately. *Frowns* But that’s mostly cause I just have so little time! Then there’s web marketing for all eight of my websites~of course I’m planning two more as we speak, lol… I just can’t stop! I have too many ideas in my head! :) And working with my designer to finish this site finally!

Also working with my agent, trying to record my demo for voice overs. AND coordinating with a photographer and fighting the weather to do this photo shoot for my new headshots. They have to be outdoors and use natural light, but it’s hurricane season in Florida! So obviously, we keep getting rained out. Which means I also have to keep getting my hair and nails done. Definitely one of my favorite things to do, but it also takes time. Which is in very short supply around here!

So like I said….I don’t know if it’s good or bad, I’m reserving my judgement for now. Either way, it’s different, and I’m still trying to get used to it! I wonder, is this what life is like for normal people? Like, having to use alarm clocks and make schedules and actually finish all the stuff on to do lists? Seriously? I guess all I can do is learn to adapt, but it’s a pretty steep learning curve. *Giggles* So I’m working on it.

But back to the point of this post~I digress, as usual. So life has been crazy, my schedule’s been all out of whack, and pretty much every night that I’m taking calls, pussy boy is craving my attention. Being very well behaved, staying locked up in chastity, and of course spoiling me rotten with yummy ca$h treats and prezzies. :) So much so that this past week until tonight, I haven’t been able to be available and take calls from anyone else! So I haven’t had too much time to give my email the attention it deserves, and I finally took a moment tonight to see what I’d been missing.

And what a nice surprise! Sweet lil notes asking when I’ll be available again. Lots of purchases of my yummy new orgasm recording! Lots more of you bought my pictures, my sweet subbie James bought me an all in one wireless printer from my wishlist, and even some introductions and awesome feedback from guys I have yet to play with! One so sweet, I have to share it below:

Imagine seeing the water of a perfectly still lake, near the top of the most beatiful mountain youve ever seen. Such beauty is the only thing that I can think of that remotely compares to kylie. I also have her mp3 that she did of her orgasm and you can tell that kylie is 100% pure gold. She is everything you could ask for in a PSO. Original, Honest, Giggly, Thoughtful, Intelligent, and Wikedly addicting. I have yet to see anyone else on niteflirt come remotely close to her. I would say she is a goddess, but even that would be a understatement to her abilities.

See? SO sweet! And totally put a huge smile on my face! And reminded me that I have the best callers in the whole wide world. *Smiles* I know that I can be pretty hard to find lately, so it means a LOT to me when you take a second out of your day to say something sweet and make me smile! And I can’t make any promises, but I’m really going to start working on my whole time management thing to be more available for you. I’ll defnitely try to start staying up later than 2am some nights so that when I’m done teasing pussy boy, I can have yummy REAL man phone sex before I go to sleep! *Blushes* Having my very own devoted cuckold is fun and always amusing… But since when does the cuckold actually get the girl? LOL! He’ll just have to start sharing sometimes….

Anyway. I just wanted to let you know that you’ve successfully lured me out of “hiding”. :) I’m taking calls tonight, until at least 2am but probably more like 3 or 4. Until whenever I get too sleepy, lol… If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on Monday night after 10pm EST. Bye for now!

PS One last thing! I’ve been meaning to thank Gun for the Torchwood and Doctor Who DVD sets (you know how much I wanted them, sweets! TY!) And my sweetheart Ryan for the adorable happy bunny t shirt. (I didn’t forget, my luv~ it’s SO cute on me, TY again! I know I still owe you an email…expect that this week.) Bye again!

Best Week Ever…

Actually, it’s probably the best two weeks ever~that’s about how long it’s been since I last wrote, isn’t it? I know, I’m a bad girl. But I did mention that my Mommy was coming to visit, remember? I’ll get into that in a minute though, first things first. The new design is finally done! Do you love it? I am absolutely in looove with it! There are still some tiny little tweaks that have to be finished up, but it should be all done pretty shortly. Anyway, all in all I think it’s perfect and I *heart* Tee for doing it for me! :)

Now, back to what I’ve been up to, cause it has seriously been insane around here! First, my Mommy finally made it down to visit. And even though I was thrilled to see her, OMG was I happy when the visit was over! Don’t get me wrong, there were good things… Like her buying me weeks worth of groceries and then cooking me weeks worth of food to put in my freezer. And of course the spa day, always fun to have a girlie partner for mani/pedi/facial! (I’m usually pretty much surrounded by men, gay and straight, so it doesn’t happen often, lol…) And shopping. LOTS and LOTS of shopping! Like so much shopping, I think I’ve cured my shopping addiction for a while. 16 hours over two days at two different malls. Seriously. I bought so much stuff and logged so many miles that I don’t even want to see a shopping mall for a couple weeks! Or at least until this coming Sunday. *Giggles* But still! :)

But the bad things…. Having to actually go to sleep at night so I could wake up to get our days started at 11 fucking AM. Having to set an alarm and actually wake up at 9am! Having to stay semi clothed~no walking around in tiny tank tops and panties. *Pouts* No naps… I guess it’s rude to sleep when you have company over? Who knew? Lol…. And of course, the very worst part of it all: No orgasms! No phone sex, no hitachi magic wand, no cumming at all till she was gone. *Frowns* I was honestly too exhausted to even think about it, which is SO unlike me. And even crazier~I didn’t realize how much I was missing it till I finally came! So I’ve made a new rule: No longer than 48 hours without naps and orgasms. Without BOTH I really become a raging bitch! And that’s no fun for anyone. *Smiles* Anyway, like I said~great visit, glad it’s over.

Let’s see, what else…. Oh! This is the most exciting news, actually! :) I was approached to do some voice overs for a vanilla (non sexual) TV commercial last week! I’m not going to get into all the details, but the short version is: Did the commercial, it went great! Went so well in fact, that I got picked up by an agent, did some headshots, and I guess this is going to be my new project cause apparently I’m really good at it and I keep being approached with new stuff!

It’s kinda funny… I’ve always seen my future in phone sex, you know? Like, I didn’t necessarily see myself taking calls forever, but I always knew that I loved it so much that I’d be involved with it in some shape or form for a long time to come. But this whole voice over thing is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m loving it so much, who knows what the future will bring? And who knew you could get paid so much for such fun work with no orgasms involved? *Giggles* No worries, I’m not retiring anytime soon! But my new abbreviated schedule is probably going to be the status quo for the next few months, at least. Just so you know. :)

There’s probably a million more things I need to tell you, but as usual, time has completely gotten away from me and it’s almost 10pm! I need to shower and grab some dinner before it gets too late. I’ll be taking calls tonight, but I have a lil “date” with my pussy boy so I’m not sure if I’ll have any time left afterwards before my bedtime. You can totally look for me, though! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me Saturday after 10pm EST. Everything’s back to normal with Niteflirt now, so you can find me as easily as you always used to. Bye for now!

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