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#1 Leave Feedback for me on Niteflirt after you LOVED our call! You can click the link here: LEAVE FEEDBACK to be taken to a page in your account where you can rate past calls. I do love to read your comments, and written feedback ALWAYS makes me smile :) Here are a few examples of what my callers say about me:

~Damn! Kylie is supremely, unbelievably, smokin' hot. If reading this, you're thinking, should I call her?, pictures look good, etc. Stop thinking and click call now, you won't be sorry. I actually shot twice, she got me so damn worked up. OMFG!

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~Kylie. Oh sweet, delightful, seductive Kylie. This luscious angel literally left me speechless by calls-end. I've praised her many, many times before, and I just know I'll be praising her forever more. You see, the more she gets to know your likes (dislikes), the better she gets, and after call 1 I honestly didn't think she could get any better. Kylie is an enchanting once-off, a precious gem in a paradise world she manages to create for you effortlessly - simply put, there's nobody else like her.

~This girl is unbelievable!! Trust will not believe the things that come out of her mouth! So creative!

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Amazon.Com (select "email" from the drop down menu and enter my email address as the recipient.)

**Please note: ALL of these sites will ask you for a name and an email address for the recipient (me.) Please send all Egift cards to: name~ Kylie Callme email~**

#4 Tip me! It might seem silly, but a little bit can go a long way in letting me know how much you enjoy your calls with me! Maybe our call was a little shorter than you'd planned...maybe you just want to let me know how much you appreciate the time we spend together....Whatever the reason--the buttons below will let you spoil me as you see fit :)

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**If you really want to be a sweetie, visit my "Links" page...the same deal applies to almost all of the banners found there--click on the links and vote for me at all of them, too! Just remember-each site only accepts one vote for me per day!**